For Honor Conqueror - How to Play

Conqueror is one of the knight classes in For Honor. This heavy hero has a strong defense, with a palette of counterattacks and harrasment techniques at their disposal.
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This is a medium difficulty class, which isn’t recommended for absolute beginners. In this guide, we’re going to show you a how to play Conqueror in For Honor, their moveset, feats and advanced tactics.

for honor conqueror

Conqueror Overview

These are the Conqueror Hero Modifiers, their innate abilities:
  • Renown – Earn more renown when you defend objectives, assist or save other heroes.
  • Can’t Feint – This class cannot perform feint maneuvers.
  • Superior Block – Blocks interrupt attacks no matter the strength. Enemies cannot chain attacks against you.
  • Defensive Mode – Block in all guards. Require stamina, which drains both on entry and when hits connect. If the block drains the whole stamina bar, the hero is knocked off balance.
  • Heavy Attacks – Heavy attacks grant superior block at their beginning, w hich is usefor for counter-attacking.
  • Charge Attack Limits – You can’t charge when you’re out of stamina. You can cancel charges.
  • Zone Attack – These area of effect attacks can be used to keep enemies at a distance.
And here’s a list of Conqueror’s moves:

Charging Heavy AttackHold heavy attack
Infiinite ChainPress Light Attack several times
Infinite Chain Heavy FinisherPress Light Attack several times, end with Heavy Attack
Chain 2Press Heavy Attack a few times
Defensinve ModePull the right stick back
Charging Shield CrushPress the left stick and shield break
Shield BaskPoint the left stick and press dodge, then shield break
Zone AttackPress and hold Light and Heavy Attack at the same time

Conqueror Feats List

Feats are passive or active abilities that help you out in combat. There are twelve of them, across four slots. You can only have four active at a time, so you’ll have to choose. Here are the Conqueror’s feats:
Level 1Level 2Level 3
Speed Revive
Passive: Rapidly revive fallen teammates
Body Count
Passive: Killing soldiers gives you health and stamina
Fiat Lux
Throw a flash grenade to blind enemies
Less movement speed, more defense
Passive: Capture and upgrade control points faster
Shield Basher
Passive: Shield attacks do damage
Heal on Block
Passive: Blocking regenerates health
Punch Through
Passive: Deal damage on blocks
Pugno Mortis
Throw an explosive that does AoE damage
Your actions can’t be interrupted for a while
Passive: Regenerate health outside of combat
Call a catapult strike

Conqueror Tips & Tricks

Here’s some advice that should make you a better Warden, if you decide to apply it:
  • Change guard often when using chains, to confuse your enemy (can’t switch when fighting minions).
  • You can charge your Heavy Attack, but it drains a lot of stamina.
  • Start an infinite chain a bit farther away from an enemy, then surprise them with a heavy ending.
  • When you enter Defensive Mode, you’ll block all incoming attacks. You’ll drain stamina the whole time, and if you lose it all, you’ll get stunned.
  • Defensive Mode cancels ongoing attacks, so be careful when using it. You can also enter it when recovering from an attack or hit, you don’t have to wait for the animations to end.
  • You can use Zone Attack while in Defensive Mode. Using this in combination with Revenge will make you untouchable.
  • If you activate Revenge just before you’re struck, you’ll auto-parry and stun the enemy.
  • When you throw or parry in Revenge, you’ll unbalance your enemy.
  • You can’t feint as a Conqueror – you have to commit to every attack. You can use Defensive mode as an alternative.