For Honor Players Between February 13th-26th Get Championship Status

If you’ve played For Honor from February 13th to 26th, you’re eligible for a free Championship Status. This is Ubisoft’s way of apologizing for the extremely poor state of the servers. The Championship Status grants players in-game perks such as experience boosts.

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For Honor Players Between February 13th-26th Get Championship Status
For Honor Players Between February 13th-26th Get Championship Status

Most players have kind of made peace with the fact that Ubisoft games will always have server issues in the beginning, and For Honor is no exception. Ever since it launched, the game has been plagued with connection problems, making the game very difficult (and, to some, almost impossible) to play. The situation is no longer as bad as it was at launch, so Ubisoft decided to recompense players for their trouble.

Everyone who has played For Honor between February 13th to 26th will get Championship Status this weekend, as a sort of apology from Ubisoft. This will grant you several very nifty boosts and rewards when you play. What does this translate to in the game? Well, you’ll get 25% extra experience, and players on your team gets 10% extra. On top of that, dismantling gear will grant you more Salvage, and you’ll also get double Steel. As another little special something, there’ll be three Champion emblems and an exclusive icon.

This kind of VIP treatment sounds about right for what early For Honor players had to put up with. In fact, it might even make the hassle well worth it. Rewarding players that stick trough the hard times should perhaps become a standard. Since making complete triple-A games with decent server support at launch seems to have become a thing of the past, I mean.

For Honor recently got a huge patch meant to balance the game out and fix a lot of smaller and greater issues that have been plaguing the game. To find out more about the update, check out our article on the For Honor 1.03 Patch.

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