Xbox One Game Pass Subscription Service for Access to over 100 Games

A new Xbox One service from Microsoft is set to launch in spring 2017. For a monthly fee, it will offer unlimited access to over one hundred Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. Some of the games that are included are Halo 5: Guardians, NBA 2K16, Lego Batman, and Payday 2.

Xbox Game Pass Information

Xbox Game Pass Information Notes

As it was detailed on the Xbox website, the games that will be a part of the service can be played online and offline. Some of the other features that this service will allow are as follows:

  • The Xbox Game pass will go for a monthly fee of $9.99
  • Some of the 100 games that are the part of the service will change from month to month. While they’ll be adding new games to the catalogue every month, others will be removed.
  • Users don’t need the Xbox Live Gold membership to access the Xbox Game Pass, but will need it if they plan to play any multiplayer.
  • The 100 games that will be a part of the service come from all corners: action adventure, shooters, puzzlers, strategy, RPG and more.
  • Once you pay for the Pass and choose the game, you’ll have to download it in order to be able to play.
  • If you choose to, you can play all games included with the Game Pass. There is no limit.
  • As you download the game, you can play it offline for 30 days.
  • Each game can be used as many times as long it is a part of the service. Once it is removed from it, you can’t have access as you don’t own the game.
  • However, if you decide to buy the game from the catalogue, you can do it with a 20% discount. That is, if you still have Xbox Game Pass membership.
  • Any related game add-ons and consumables get 10% percent off while the game is still in the catalogue.
  • Progress and achievements will remain attached to the account even when the subscription expires or it is cancelled.
  • This service is only available on Xbox One. While you can play some of the titles from Xbox 360, you can’t do it on the Xbox 360.

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