For Honor Progression and Customization

Ubisoft released a new video, which explains the customization and progression in For Honor. There are a lot of options available that will impact both the gear and appearance of your favorite hero. Each battle will grant you certain pieces of equipment, therefore altering the gameplay experience.

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Each item will have its own gear stats, gear rank and appearance. Also, you can obtain gear items by opening scavenger crates. Keep in mind that leveling your character will unlock new feats and customization options. Each hero has six different gear parts: head, chest, arms, hilt, blade and guard. Every peace of gear can be upgraded and dismantled, or you can change its appearance. Items will impact your stats both positively and negatively, affecting your stamina, defense or damage, for example. The key is to adapt your hero to your own play style.

Each hero has four unique feats that you can equip. At the beginning, only four of them will be unlocked. You’ll unlock the other eight by leveling. Players can also equip two different executions. Keep in mind that the longer the execution animation, the more health you will receive once you have killed your enemy. Other execution variations can be purchased with steel.

Emotes are also available, and four of them can be equipped in battle. Lastly, there are special effects, which provide some interesting visual effects, such as flaming armor and sun beams. They don’t impact the gameplay or your hero’s performance.

We can also change our hero’s gender, but some classes are gender-locked. Armor can be dyed in different colors in categories such as head, shoulders, back and standards. There are also pre-designed outfits that can be unlocked in four categories: battle, elite, mythic and reputation. You can set ornaments on your helmet, giving your character a unique flavor. As you can see in the video, For Honor offers a lot of customization options that will be expanded as the new DLCs come out.

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