Nier: Automata Glory To Mankind Trailer Revealed

There’s a new Nier: Automata trailer, called Glory To Mankind. It showcases some enemies and bosses, but we also learn more about the androids. We can see that they can feel emotions, and that they’ve been through some dark things. Fair warning, some possible spoilers might lie ahead.

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Nier Automata Glory To Mankind Trailer Revealed
Nier Automata Glory To Mankind Trailer Revealed

The world of Nier: Automata is set in the very distant future. Machines from another world have driven humanity from Earth. As a response, the humans have created android soldiers as a final attempt to reclaim our planet. Now, the war between machine and android rages on, but there might be more secrets to unveil about this world.

The trailer starts off with 2B remarking that she’d never realized how beautiful the world is. We then learn that his task is to perform maintenance on 2B, but we also see hints of a much deeper connection. We can also hear it, thanks to some pretty good voice acting.

The video then cuts to 2B fighting a gigantic mechanical monstrosity with enormous excavators for hands. It looks like a whole building come to life. There are some other machine enemies, and some flying around in a jetpack / exosuit.

Without revealing too much, we find out that androids were programmed to serve the humans, but they are also capable of emotions and independent thought. Needless to say, that causes some problems, including androids feeling their mission is hopeless.

The trailer does an excellent job of teasing a deep sci-fi plot, as well as compelling, relatable characters. It also provides a sneak peek into what the world without humans would look like.

If you want to, you can watch the video in its entirety below.

Nier:Automata will come out for the PlayStation 4, on several different dates: February 23 in Japan, March 7 in North America, and March 10 in the PAL region.

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