For Honor Ranked Play Duel Tournaments Testing Start at end of June

If you’ve acquired For Honor through Uplay by the end of June 22nd, you are eligible to join the Public Test and try out the new ranked tournaments. Since For Honor is a competitive game, this feature was in development since its beginning. It is finally at the state where it can be properly tested.

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The Ranked Duel Tournament testing will take place on the PC, for both Steam and Uplay users. It’ll be accessible from all regions and countries. Its content consists of duels on all maps and with all heroes. The test pre-download will start on June 27 (12:00 ET), while the testing will start on June 29 (9 AM ET) and it will end on July 4 (5 PM ET). Once it is done, all progress of participating players will be erased and will not carry over to the main game.

For Honor Ranked Play With Duel Tournaments Public Testing at the end of June

Ranked Duel Tournament Rules

  • Once you’ve downloaded the public test, and the testing starts, select the Duel Tournament activity from the World Map. This is where you get queued up for the series of matches with players of similar ranking.
  • For starters, the players’ initial rank will be determined based on their overall performance through 20 qualification matches. This is where your journey starts.
  • The five ranked tiers have five divisions and the player can be put in Bronze (lowest), Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond (highest), and divisions one to five.
  • At the start of each season, the rank distribution will be updated to reflect player population. 20% of the population will be placed in Bronze, Silver and Platinum, 30% in Gold and 10% in Diamond.
  • After each tournament match, the player’s rank will increase or decrease depending on the performance.
  • Duel Tournaments may last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of players and match length.
  • The Duel Tournament format goes like this: Pool (4 teams per pool)/ Qualifiers (3 matches during qualifiers) / Playoffs (best against worst of the pool in playoffs Single elimination) / Final (champion game).
  • All players will receive rewards depending on their performance. The better you do, the better rewards you’ll get, leaving the champion with the best ones, like the legendary reward tier.

The full introduction of Ranked Duel Tournaments will have its release on all platforms, not just PC. It will be a part of a future update. To keep the wait shorter, there will be some upcoming competitive opportunities for players, with the information on that coming soon. How all this is going to work out, considering the game’s Steam player base numbers, remains to be seen.

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