For Honor Review Copies Won't Be Sent Before Launch

It appears that Ubisoft won’t be sending out any review copies or keys for For Honor. Reviewers will get the game at the same time as the rest of the public – on launch day. Needless to say, gamers aren’t too happy about this turn of events.

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For Honor Review Copies Won't Be Sent Before Launch
For Honor Review Copies Won’t Be Sent Before Launch

Not giving out review copies before launch is usually not a good sign. The For Honor Alpha and Beta have garnered very positive reactions from the public so far. However, Ubisoft has apparently decided against providing reviewers with the game before the official launch on February 14th.

Usually, this is a sign that the publisher has absolutely no faith in the project. The fact that the game might not have dedicated server just acts as another red flag. Meanwhile, Ubisoft doesn’t seem to have anything to hide from reviewers. There’s a For Honor Open Beta coming up a few days before the release. To be sure, an Open Beta this late in the game is a strange move, but it’ll probably serve as a server test. Hopefully, whatever Ubisoft has planned to host For Honor on will be able to take the sudden influx of players.

Gamers haven’t been taking too kindly to this decision. The dwindling trust of the gaming public towards publishers, caused by very similar moves, has caused many to wise up. Many have stopped buying games before reading reviews, so this might put a dent in the initial sales of For Honor.

Of course, the lack of reviews won’t deter everyone. After all, the entirety of pre-order culture is based on that principle. I’m sure many people will buy the game as well as the season pass. We’ve written already about the For Honor season pass bonuses. I honestly hope For Honor will be amazing, because the concept and core mechanics are very cool.

The release date for For Honor is February 14th. It’s coming out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.

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