Nioh Kodama Locations - How to unlock Kodama Leader trophy

Kodama are collectibles in Nioh. In the main missions, you’ll have to find and return them to the nearest shrine, all 150 of them. In return, they will offer some significant boosts. They are well hidden around the maps, so spotting them can be tricky. This guide will show you all Nioh Kodama locations, how to unlock and upgrade blessings.

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Kodama Spirit Nioh
Kodama location in Nioh

Where to find Kodama in Nioh

Kodama in Japanese folklore are spirits that inhabit trees. They are represented in the game as small, green creatures wearing hats. They’ll make a funny sound once you interact with them.

  • Kodama are found in the main missions. Before you start the mission, you can see the exact number of Kodama you can find within the same mission.
  • They are well-hidden. You’ll need to pay close attention to find them all. Sometimes, they’ll be inside a box, at the shore, on top of a rooftop, in a corner of a hidden room…
  • Once you spot them, you get a message “Guide Kodama to Shrine”. You don’t actually need to guide them to the nearest shrine, interacting with them is enough. You then get a rather sweet animation where they bow to you.
  • If you return to the shrine, you can spot them relaxing on top of it. Their number here reflects the amount of Kodama you have found in that level.
  • Once you manage to find and get a Kodama to the shrine, they will not show up in their previous location anymore.
  • If you manage to collect all 150 Kodama, you’ll get the silver Kodama Leader trophy.
  • There are items and abilities that can help you in the chase. They’ll mark them on the mini-map, making them easier to find.

If you need help finding them in the first mission, check out our Isle of Demons Kodama locations guide.

Kodama Blessings

You can choose the Kodama Blessings at the shrines. All the Kodama Blessings offer a cumulative number of buffs. For example, one yellow hat kodama will offer a 5% increase in the amount of acquired Amrita, while two will offer 10%. There are up to five levels of each blessing. To activate one blessing, you’ll need to spend 100 gold. You can see which blessing is active by the Kodama sign next to it.

  • Oracle Blessing – Increase the amount of Amrita acquired by 5% per level
  • Swordsman Blessing – Increase weapon drop rate by 1% per level
  • Warrior Blessing – Increase armor drop rate by 1% per level
  • Healer Blessing – Increase elixir drop rate by 5% per level
  • Hunter Blessing – Increase drop rate of materials by 5% per level

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