For Honor Season 3 Details Revealed - New Heroes, Maps, & More

Ubisoft has announced the details of For Honor Season 3. Players can expect two new heroes and maps, as well as new gear. The third season of For Honor will also bring ranked duel tournaments, where players will compete for brand new rewards. Season 3 begins on August 15th. Season pass owners will get some of the content before others do, but eventually, everyone will be able to enjoy the new content.

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For Honor Season 3 Details Revealed - New Heroes, Maps, & More
For Honor Season 3 Details Revealed – New Heroes, Maps, & More

The new season of For Honor is around the bend, and dedicated players will certainly be happy to learn what Ubisoft has in store for the next chapter of the game, starting August 15th. Well, first thing’s first, the new heroes. Vikings will be getting the Highlander character, and these are his characteristics, as presented by Ubisoft:

Stoic and guarded, Highlanders are patient heroes capable of switching between two different fighting forms. Their defensive form allows for counter-attacking and trading blows, while their offensive form empowers them to unleash their deadliest attacks at the expense of being able to block. Wielding the heaviest and longest sword in the game, the Highlander’s massive claymore gives them a deadly combination of strength and range.

The Knights, on the other hand, are getting another character based off of Ancient Rome – The Gladiator:

Wielding a trident and shield, the Gladiator has made a living off of killing for sport, they now bring their ruthlessness and skill to war. Fighters by trade, they are brash and boastful; equipped with little armor, they can punch their opponents to create separation to set up attacks and stuns. Their larger stamina meter and reduced cool down times make them extremely agile and dangerous opponents.

Both heroes will launch on August 15th for Season Pass owners. After August 22nd, everyone else will be able to purchase them for 15.000 Steel. The two new maps, on the other hand, will be free for everyone. The two new maps are called Sentinel and Viking Village, each with their own vibe and stage weapons and hazards that you can use to your own advantage. Also, Season 3 will raise the reputation cap to 4 and introduce a new legendary gear rarity. On top of that, players will be able to participate in ranked-duel tournaments, featuring new rewards.

For Honor Season 3 also got a trailer, which you can check out below.

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