The Evil Within 2 Skill Tree, Weapon Customization & Crafting Revealed

The Evil Within 2 team has revealed what Sebastian’s Skill Tree looks like. They also gave us a first glimpse into the weapon customization and crafting options featured in this sequel. The newest video also sheds some light on the new gameplay mechanics.

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The “Who is Your Sebastian?” trailer puts additional emphasis on the importance of the communication device we’ve seen Sebastian using to contact Kidman. It responds to things that have happened in STEM World, like resonances or digital memories; it reveals things that have happened in the past, leading us to the resources, objectives, or bad things.

Sebastian Skill Tree Customization

Unlike in the previous game, Green Gel will only be used for upgrading Sebastian’s skills. You can invest into five categories – the passive ones and the more expensive active ones. For example, the Combat skills have an active one called Bullet Cascade. Once activated, it will grant the player increased fire damage with each consecutive shot.

The five customization categories for Sebastian and some of their upgrades are:

  • Health – Increases health pool.
  • Stealth – Increases crouching movement speed, ability to perform Sneak Kills from around a corner while in cover.
  • Combat – Increase damage of melee attacks, decrease recoil, and more.
  • Recovery – Some of the upgrades allow increased health recovery speed when regenerating from near-death status, chance to automatically use a Medical Syringe when taking fatal damage.
  • Athleticism – Give a chance to avoid certain types of incoming attacks, increase stamina gauge.

Weapon Customization Options

In the Evil Within 2, in order to benefit from weapon customization, you’ll need weapon parts (not Green Gel). The weapon customization options increases firepower, ammo capacity, reload time, and fire rate. These upgrades are for firearms specifically.

TEW2 Sebastian Skill Tree Weapon Customization Crafting Revealed
The Evil Within 2 Skill Tree, Weapon Customization & Crafting Revealed

The Warden Crossbow, one of my favorite weapons in The Evil Within, has upgrades separate from the firearms. Nonetheless, it still needs weapon parts for customization. If you decide to invest here, like I will, you can get increased range, decrease the time it takes to fully aim the weapon, as well as making different bolts better, like shock, smoke, harpoon and explosive bolts.

Crafting in The Evil Within 2

Crafting in The Evil Within relies on the fact that you should create things that compliment your gamestyle the best. Players won’t depend only on things they find in the outdoors.

Much-needed items, like ammunition and healing supplies, can be crafted on the go, but there is also the introduction of a workbench. Workbenches can be found in safe houses, or scattered around Union. Crafting items on a workbench yields less resources than crafting on the go.

The Evil within 2 is an upcoming action horror game by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks. Its release date is set for October 13, 2017. There was a gameplay trailer last month, story details were released, and more.

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