For Honor Players Get Ban by Ubisoft for Cheating and Misbehaviour

For Honor is a competitive game where you pit your skills against the other player. Some of them will match your level, while others will feel like they are an A.I. The most memorable ones are the players with high levels of expertise. These players offer an insight into new play styles that you were not aware of. If they play fair, that is.

Ubisoft Bans For Honor Players
There has to be son Honor in For Honor

To play fair means to use every aspect of the game without the help of some other programs. This time, Ubisoft realized how important it is to deal with the players who feel that cheating is the only fun way for them to play. For them and nobody else.

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With the help of the software called EasyAntiCheat, they are able to identify players who cheat, hack, harass, act offensively and more. This software is present in other Ubisoft games like Watch Dogs 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands. EasyAntiCheat identifies anomalies in the game process runtime like aimbot, jumphack, speedhack and others.

What actions are cause for ban?

Thanks to EasyAntiCheat, about 400 players were identified and banned so far. An additional 70 of them have been banned for offensive emblems, harassment and other misconduct.

If you are wondering what actions are cause for ban, be sure to read Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct. Some of the examples of banable behavior and repercussions are:

  • Cheating / Modding / Hacking: Player is running a modified or otherwise unauthorized version of the game client or a third party software providing an unfair advantage
    • Maximum penalty is permanent ban.
  • Harassment: Harassing or serious bullying other players via verbal or written communications
    • First offense: warning
    • Second offense: temporary suspension
    • Multiple offenses: permanent ban
  • Exploiting: Triggering and using a bug or glitch, or bypassing established game rules by to gain a significant advantage or skip progression steps otherwise necessary.
    • First offense: character reset
    • Second offense: character reset and temporary suspension
    • Multiple offenses: permanent ban
  • Inappropriate usernames: You may not use the name of any Ubisoft employee, name from popular culture or the media, name with a religious or historical connotation, name that refers to an illness, medicine, drug or alcohol…
  • Other: Misconduct (scamming, account trading, false reports…), staff impersonation, offensive user generated content (emblems), advertising…

To conclude, if your behavior is questionable, you’ll receive an email from Ubisoft. It will consist of information regarding the sanction for the player’s offense. The sanctions come as warnings, suspensions (ranging between 3 and 10 days) and permanent bans. If you feel that you are falsely accused, you can appeal the decision. Their team reviews each on a case-by-case basis.

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