Mass Effect Andromeda Post-Game Exploration Will Be Possible

Good news for all Mass Effect fans! According to the PC Gamer interview with lead designer Ian Frazier, completing the main quest will not mean that Mass Effect Andromeda will end. When the main story is finished, we will still be able to explore the galaxy and freely complete all other side activities.

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You can continue exploring the galaxy after the end of main quest Mass Effect Andromeda
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He also mentioned that there’s only a small number of quests that can be missed if you progress too far in the main story. As suspected, the more you explore the galaxy, the more quests and side activities will be open to you. Just like in Mass Effect 2, there will be loyalty missions for your companions. Completing them should gain you their affection, as well as some kind of unlockable skill or even an alternate outfit. Make sure that you check out the ME Andromeda PC Gamer interview.

Maybe the loyalty level can decide which of the companions will be killed, and which ones will survive the final mission; all depending on your choices through those mission. In Mass Effect 2, each of the loyalty missions revealed a bit of backstory for each companion, since those missions had personal importance for each one. Not sure how that system will work in Andromeda, but in Mass Effect 2, completing a loyalty mission can result in your companion not gaining your loyalty if you make a bad choice during the mission.

It is interesting to know what will happen when the Ryders finds a new home for the humanity. Speaking as a true Mass Effect fan, hopefully Andromeda will not be the last story in the franchise. The whole Mass Effect Universe is huge, and there should be enough material for even more future installments. As always, we will keep you updated with the latest and most interesting Mass Effect information available.

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