For Honor Winter Event Brings New Mode & Items For a Limited Time

As is customary for multiplayer games, For Honor is going to have its own winter event. Called the Frostwind Festival, it’s going to be frosty and windy. It’s also going to be available on all platforms, from December 21st to January 4th. Players will get the chance to try out a new mode – which is sadly not a snowball fight – set on a new map, and earn new in-game items.

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for honor winter event
For Honor Winter Event Brings New Mode & Items For a Limited Time

The new mode is called Ice Brawlers, and it’s a variation of a 2v2 brawl. The rules are pretty much the same, but the environment is what makes it stand out. It’s set on a the surface of a frozen lake. As the match goes on, the ice will being to thin and then break. If you fall into the freezing water, you lose.

The new items are what’s important here. Two weeks of frolicking in the snow battling hypothermia are all well and good, but virtual hats are forever. Winter-themed items you can expect include battle ouftits, weapons, mood effects and an emote. The good news is that they’ll drop from all modes during the event, not just Ice Brawlers. If you’re not one to wait, you’ll be able to buy them in bundles from December 28th. The press release mentions that the price will adapt by decreasing with every item from it that you already own, so you just get the ones you’re missing and pay less.

Before the bundles are added to the store, you’ll be able to buy new masks for every faction for 15000 steel – after that, the price will jump to 20000 steel. There’s also a video that shows off some of the fancy upcoming items and the ice rink map. Take a look:

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