Pokemon GO Trainer Starts Petition to Get Rid of EX Raids

A disgruntled Pokemon GO trainer has made a petition on change.org. The purpose of the petition is to make Niantic completely do away with the EX Raids. The system definitely has its flaws. Does it warrant getting rid of it completely? Well, that’s up to the community to decide.

Pokemon GO Trainer Starts Petition to Get Rid of EX Raids
Pokemon GO Trainer Starts Petition to Get Rid of EX Raids

It’s no secret that Pokemon GO players are not too happy about EX raids. The main point of contention seems to be the invitation system. If you’re not familiar with the subject, EX raids are exclusive raids that you can only participate in if you receive an invitation from Niantic. While Niantic has made attempts to explain how the invitation system works in a blog post, it seems that a large number of deserving trainers seem to constantly miss out on their invitations.

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Well, one trainer, Randy Khoo from Kuala Lumpur, decided to take things into his own hands. He made a petition on change.org, calling for Niantic to abolish the EX Raids system completely. At the time of writing, the petition has a little over 1.500 signatures. Randy Khoo points out that many legitimate trainers have been left out of the exclusive raids, while “multi-accounters and spoofers” keep getting them. He also writes: “While niantic has published a post regarding ex-raids, they have FAILED to explain how the final selection process is being done. This has left players continually grinding parks and sponsored gyms, without having a clear and transparent idea how they can qualify for an ex-raid pass.”

Adding to the problem is the newly-released wave of invitations for EX Raids taking place on Christmas. Naturally, for many trainers, there just couldn’t be a worse time to receive an invite. Many people will certainly choose to spend time with their loved ones over hunting Pokemon in the cold. However, those that receive an invitation have a lower chance of getting another one in the near future. All in all, Niantic should at least be a little more transparent about the whole thing, and work on fixing the invitation system.

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    EX Raid Passes continue to be a problem. The system has not actually improved at all, and the game remains unstable. You can’t get an EX Raid Pass for a really long time, when you do get one, the time and place of the admins’ choosing is impossible, and then when you can use it, THE CATCH SCREEN GLITCHES OUT AND YOU DON’T GET YOUR MEWTWO. And Niantic couldn’t care less. They acknowledge that it’s a known glitch, but don’t make it right. They just shrug their shoulders and say, “Eh, you’ll get another EX raid pass someday,”–after all the raiding and waiting and hoping and finally having the Mewtwo in your hands, only to be cheated out of it. The system has NOT been improved. Mewtwo needs to be a legendary raid boss like any other, and everyone needs to have both a decent shot at it, and recourse if, through no fault of the player, he or she is cheated out of a Mewtwo.

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      Niantic, the Bungie of mobile games.

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