Fortnite Aloy Cup

Fortnite Aloy Cup is a special event in the game that’s exclusive to PlayStation gamers, and that gives you a chance to win the Horizon Zero Dawn bundle before anyone else has access to it. Of course, there’s the matter of figuring out how to compete in the cup, as well as how the whole thing works. So, how do you get the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle via the Aloy tournament? Let’s find out!

fortnite aloy cup
Fortnite Aloy Cup

How to Compete in Fortnite Aloy Cup?

In order to compete in the Fortnite Aloy Cup, you have to play the game on a PlayStation console. Either PS4 or PS5 will work; unfortunately for you that are on Xbox or PC or any other platform, you can’t join in on the fun. You can find all the regional start times in-game under the Compete tab. Just know that you can only participate on April 14th. Also, your Epic Account level must be level 30 and have Two-Factor Authentication enabled. I know you don’t wanna hear stuff like that, but I’m just the messenger. For more info on the Cup, check out the official rules.

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How Aloy Cup Works in Fortnite – How to Win Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle Early

Participating in the Aloy Cup in Fortnite lets you win the Horizon Zero Dawn bundle before everyone else gets access to it. Plus, they’ll have to pay, and you won’t, which is nice. The basic gist is, you need to gather points. Every elimination rewards you with 2 points, while eliminations with the Bow get you 8 points.

You’ll also get different amounts of points depending on how high you place. A Victory Royale rewards you with 35 points, second place gets you 29, third 26, fourth 24, and fifth 22. Sixth place gets 20 points, and from then on, the points lower by one for each placement. The team with the most points in each region will receive the Horizon Zero Dawn bundle. The wording kinda implies that you can’t do this solo, so keep that in mind and double-check.

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