Xbox System Error E208

Xbox system error E208 is an error message some players get when starting up their console. It prevents them from accessing their games, or using the console at all. There are several things you can try if this happens to you – but they’re not guaranteed to work. You might end up having to bring your console in for repairs. If you’d like to avoid that, our Xbox system error E208 guide will show you what else you can try.

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xbox system error e208
Xbox System Error E208

How to fix E208 error on Xbox

The first thing you should try is resetting your console. From the “Something went wrong” screen, select “troubleshoot”. You should pick “Reset this Xbox”, then “Keep Apps and Games”. This will reset the OS without deleting your games.

If that doesn’t work, the next step should be installing the Offline System Update file. You have to download it from a Windows PC, and transfer it onto an USB drive with at least 6GB of space. The drive needs to be empty, and formatted into NTFS. Download the archive from here, and copy all the contents from it into the root folder of the drive.

Plug the USB into the console and from the “Something went wrong” screen, pick “troubleshoot” again. Choose the “offline system update” option. Once the process is over, everything should be back to normal.

If it’s not, you can try restoring your console to factory default settings. This will delete all your games, apps and accounts, so make sure you’ve tried everything else beforehand. When you’re at the “Something went wrong” screen, select “troubleshoot”, then “reset this Xbox”. This time, choose “remove everything”.

If this last option doesn’t work either, you’ll have to take your console in for a repair. You can request a repair by following this link.

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