Fortnite BR Blockbuster Contest Winning Film to Be Shown at Risky Reels

The folks at Epic games have decided to organize another amazing contest for fans of Fortnite Battle Royale. The last one ended with community-made dance emotes being added to the game. This one asks player to submit fan films, with the promise of being aired at Risky Reels as the main reward.

fortnite br blockbuster contest
Fortnite BR Blockbuster Contest Winning Film to Be Shown at Risky Reels

The Blockbuster Contest is open until July 11th. In order to apply, you’ll have to make a superhero flick using the replay editor, then post it on Youtube with #FortniteBlockbuster in the title and send the link to Make sure to include your full name and Epic ID in the email. You aren’t allowed to create voice-overs, use on-screen text or any music that isn’t royalty free. It has to be between one and five minutes in length.

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The judges will take several criteria into account, including “creativity”, “Fortnite-ness” and “mastery”. You can see the full breakdown on the post on Epic’s blog. The winner will be announced on July 24th, and they’re going to have their film played at the Risky Reels drive-in theater in game, the title displayed on the marquee in front of it, a poster for the movie at various place throughout the map, as well as a staggering 25000 V-bucks. Five runner-ups will receive 10000 V-bucks each, but none of the fame and glory.

Videos are already starting to pop up on Youtube, hours after the announcement was made. There’s bound to be hundreds (if not thousands) of applications, and Epic probably made a mistake by giving themselves only two weeks to sift through them. In any case, it’s going to be interesting when the quality stuff starts coming in. Stay tuned, and we’ll share any stuff we like in the coming weeks.

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