Fortnite BR Boogiedown Contest To Add One Player's Dance to The Game

You know the dance emotes you can use to be an obnoxious child when you kill someone in Fortnite Battle Royale? Think you can do better? Well now’s your chance. The Boogiedown Contest is going to allow you to submit your original dance to Epic, to be considered for the position of a new emote. The developers are going to choose a hundred winners, all of whom will receive a bunch of prizes, but only one will have their dance added to the game.

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fortnite boogiedown dance competition
Fortnite BR Boogiedown Contest To Add One Player’s Dance to The Game

In order to enter, you just have to film yourself doing the dance, then share it on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag #boogiedown. There’s a bunch of rules about what you should and should not do if you want your video to be eligible, and you can check them out here. Other than that, it’s a free for all. The jury will be judging whether the dance fits the “playful personality” of Fortnite, whether it’s original and how “unique and creative” it is.

The winner will have their dance emoted into the game, but they’ll also get a replica of the Boogie Bomb, ten thousand V-bucks and a pack of Disco-themed cosmetics. The outfit consists of Funk Ops, Sparkle Specialist, Disco Brawl and the Disco Glider. Those who place second through fifth place will get the Boogie Bomb as well. The rest of the winners will be getting the disco suit and a certain amount of premium currency, which becomes smaller the further away you are from first place.

If you aren’t interested in participating, but would like to see other people’s submissions, simply search for the #boogiedown hashtag on social media. There are already hundreds (if not thousands) of entries.

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