Sea of Thieves Discovery Ridge Riddle Solutions & Locations

Discovery Ridge is an island in Sea of Thieves, where you can solve numerous riddles. The majority of Discovery Ridge riddles feature paintings as a part of the solution, and they are often sea-life themed. In this guide, we’ll show you how to solve Discovery Ridge riddles in Sea of Thieves, and where to find the buried treasures.

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Sea of Thieves Discovery Ridge Riddle Solutions
Sea of Thieves Discovery Ridge Riddle Solutions

Where to Find Discovery Ridge in Sea of Thieves?

If your riddle starts with the line “On Discovery Ridge a sight to behold, wonders of a tale untold,” you know where to go. Discovery Ridge is on the border of quadrants E-20 and E-21, in the bottom-left corner of the map. From a distance, it seems like any other island. However, depending on which side you approach it from, it might seem like completely different every time. It has a tall, rocky ledge on one side, a rather large cave entrance on the other, two nearby tiny islands, and so on.

North East Rock Pass Guarded by Sea Life

Now, we’ll show you how to solve the part of the riddle that goes: “At the North East rock pass guarded by sea life a tale once was told, lift ye flame in search of gold.” To get to this location, head to the northern side of the island. Find a small waterfall in this area. If you climb to the top of the highest peak, you can spot this waterfall with ease. If you stand on this peak, and look towards the small pond where the waterfall ends, you can notice the two smaller rocks that form a small pass – the North East Rock Pass. This is where you should go. If you stand in this pass and look at the rocks, you’ll see it is guarded by Sea Life. Bring up the lantern, and lift it to reveal the next step.

Seahorse on the East Beach

This is how to solve the part of the riddle that reads “At the Seahorse on the East beach ye reward is almost found, 6 paces North-by-North East and break the ground.” On the eastern part of the Discovery Ridge, there is a small bridge, with a tall plateau above. If you are ,for example, at the huge cave entrance, go right from there. Either way, if you are on top of the island, you should jump towards this beach, as it is on the lower level. This specific beach has one large boulder that connects the lower parts of the island with the top one. On its side that overlooks the beach, there is a painting of the five Seahorses. There is also a campfire next to it, so you can find it during the night more easily.

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