Carnage Skin - Fortnite Season 8

A new teaser video shown on the Fortnite Twitter account seems to tease the arrival of Carnage into the game, possibly as a new skin. The video shows only a few glimpses, such as fleshy tendrils coming from the creatures back and a claw-like appendage. At the time of writing, we don’t know much about the Fortnite Season 8 Carnage skin, or even if it’s even gonna be a skin. However, that won’t stop us from theorizing!

Carnage Skin - Fortnite Season 8
Carnage Skin – Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Carnage Skin Teased for Season 8

So, as I’ve already mentioned, one of the most recent tweets on the Fortnite Twitter account features a video that shows brief shots of different locations and what seems to be a skin of Carnage. The accompanying text tells us very little: “Strange things have been happening on the Island while you were asleep.” However, the fleshy red color, the gross tendrils coming out of the back, and the claw-thing are quite enough to confirm that Carnage will be making its debut in the game soon.

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Now, the wording of the post has made people think that this is, in fact, another Stranger Things crossover. Now, this is not completely unfounded. After all, the Mind Flayer kinda looks the same, what with the four tendrils coming out of its back and whatnot. However, I don’t think that’s the case; I’m pretty sure it’s actually carnage. The design just looks more like Spider-Man’s famous foe. On top of that, the video that I believe is showing of a Carnage skin for Fortnite Season 8 features a claw-like appendage that kinda resembles the claw that Venom had before it.

Now, with all of that said, this is all conjecture on my part. Maybe Carnage isn’t even going to be a skin; maybe it’s gonna be a boss battle happening at a specific place on the map. We just don’t know for sure at the moment. One thing I do know for sure – a Carnage skin would be awesome.

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