Where to Find Mitsuri Boss Slayers Unleashed

The Mitsuri Boss has been added to Slayers Unleashed in its latest update, and players are wondering where to find her. Being a Hashira – the current Love Hashira, to be precise – Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the most powerful Demon Slayers in the world. As such, she is very hard to beat, but that just makes battling her all the more fun. Since you no doubt want to fight her, the first step to doing so is actually finding her. Our Where to Find Mitsuri Boss Slayers Unleashed guide will show you exactly where she is.

Where to Find Mitsuri Boss Slayers Unleashed

Where is the Mitsuri Boss in Slayers Unleashed and How to Find Her

The Mitsuri Boss was added to Slayers Unleashed in v0.55. Being one of the highest ranking Demon Slayers, she can be found in the Slayers HQ. The fastest way to get there is to use the fast travel option. This costs 100 Yen. After going to the Slayers HQ, you will find the Mitsuri Boss near a tree in the courtyard. You can fight her, but, like we said, beware, since she is extremely powerful. She uses a unique fighting style she developed called Love Breathing. This allows her to use her katana as if it was a whip. Make sure that you have a character that is strong enough to take her on.

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It’s very much worth it to fight her, because she has a 9% chance for a Haori Drop, and a 4% chance for a Nichirin Drop. In the fight itself, make sure to dodge her most powerful attacks, as they can quickly take away a lot of your health. And that’s all you need to know about where to find the Mitsuri Boss in Slayers Unleashed. Happy gaming, and feel free to share your tips and tricks you used to defeat her in the comments below.

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