Fortnite Cars & Jerrycans

Cars and jerrycans in Fortnite are new mechanics added in Season 3 of the game. Since they are brand new, players have a ton of questions about Fortnite jerrycans and cars. For example, where do cars spawn? How do they work? What are jerrycans, and how do I use them? We’ll present the info we have at the time of writing in our Fortnite Cars & Jerrycans guide.

Fortnite Cars & Jerrycans

Car Spawns in Fortnite – Where to Find Cars?

We don’t yet know where exactly car spawns in Fortnite are going to be, since the update isn’t out yet, at the time of writing. Perhaps they are going to spawn in relatively set locations, like the golf carts used to. That said, it might be that cars are going to spawn randomly across the map, and players are going to have to search for them. One thing I am pretty confident of – it’s not going to be much of a problem to find them overall.

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If I were to bet, I’d say that the best places to look when it comes to where to find cars in Fortnite are going to be parking lots and gas stations. Basically, wherever you’d expect to find cars. I’d be cautious approaching random vehicles on the road; they might either be empty of gas, or it’s going to be a trap.

How Fortnite Cars Work

There will apparently be four different sub-types of cars in Fortnite: trucks, large cars, medium cars, and small cars. Each of these sub-types is going to have a different amount of health, fuel capacity (and fuel mileage), fuel at spawn, etc. Also, the developers are including a leaking mechanic, which means that your vehicle will bleed fuel if it takes enough damage. Ultimately, when it takes enough damage, the car will explode, dealing damage both short-range and long-range. If you hit players, they are going to bounce off the car, and if you hit someone or something too hard, you might end up flying straight out. Those are the basic details of cars in Fortnite; we don’t yet know whether they’re gonna be able to go on water, seeing as how most of the map is now underwater.

Jerrycans in Fortnite – How to Use

Jerrycans (or gas cans, if you prefer) are, well, canisters full of gas. To use them, you have to find them somewhere, carry them to a car, and interact with it to fill up the tank. However, things get pretty interesting here. For one, you can still shoot while carrying a Fortnite jerrycan, which is cool. More importantly, if you shoot them enough, they explode, dealing 250 damage to vehicles and 99 to players. In other words, you’ll be able to use the jerrycans for more than just refueling; if you use them correctly, you can do a ton of hurt to a whole bunch of enemies.

When it comes to the jerrycan locations, we don’t yet know where they’re going to spawn. Gas stations dotted around the map seem like the obvious choice, but that might not be the only option. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up running into randomly-spawned jerrycans all over the place. We’ll see what happens when the update rolls out, and we’ll keep you posted.

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