Ghost of Tsushima Shoji Assassination Technique

Shoji Assassination is a technique in Ghost of Tsushima, required for bonus rewards at Mongol outposts. This technique allows the player to defeat an enemy behind a shoji door, hence the name. As you get close to a door with an enemy on the other side, the button prompt will pop out. It gives you an opportunity to deal with the target without causing any alarm. This guide will show you how to unlock Ghost of Tsushima Shoji Assassination, how to use it.

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Shoji Assassination Ghost of Tsushima Technique
Shoji Assassination Ghost of Tsushima

How to unlock Shoji Assassination evolving tactic

To unlock the shoji assassination evolving tactic, you need to progress through the main story, to a tale called “Shadow of the Samurai”. This is the last Act I quest that takes place at Castle Kaneda, the northernmost outpost in Izuhara. After the ground floor of this keep, where you fight some Mongols, you’ll have to go toward the top floor. On the first floor, right after the wooden ladder, you approach a shoji – a translucent Japanese door – with an enemy on the other side. The prompt appears shortly after, and you defeat the enemy (and the door). From this point forward, you’ll be able to use this previously locked technique.

How to perform Shoji Assassination

To perform a Shoji Assassination, you need to be next to a door with an enemy on the other side. It goes without saying you can’t do it if you’ve been spotted. This might sound easy, but sometimes there are no enemies next to a door. To deal with this issue, you need to equip a wind chime and drop it near the door – provided there is an enemy nearby on the other side. This will make that Mongol, bandit or ronin approach the door, allowing you to perform a Shoji Assassination. It doesn’t matter on which side of the door any of you are, weather you are inside the house or outside – it works both ways. There’s almost always a wind chime nearby, so if you don’t have one, look around.

Defeat an enemy with a Shoji Assassination is a bonus objective for some of the Mongol outposts, including Ohama Fishing Village (southwestern Izuhara) and Kechi Fishing Village (northern Izuhara). Both of these outposts become Mongol-contested after the first act. They are part of the Izuhara liberated objective, that can’t be completed before this point.

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