Fortnite Collect Fireflies From Weeping Woods Locations

Collect fireflies from Weeping Woods is a a week ten challenge in Fortnite. This challenge is worth 35 000 experience and is a rather quick one. Fireflies that come in a jar are a rather new concept, considering they came out in June this year. If you’re having trouble finding the fireflies and completing the challenge, this guide will show you Fortnite Weeping Woods fireflies locations, and when they appear.

Fortnite Collect Fireflies From Weeping Woods
Fireflies Location Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods fireflies locations

Fireflies locations in the Weeping Woods are on the edges of the woodland. You can spot them from a distance by the dark orange – almost red – light on the ground. The specific color will also paint the nearby trees, illuminating them from afar. To collect fireflies you have to approach them and press the appropriate button to collect them. They come in groups of three to four, and are extremely fun to use. We’ve found many in the southwestern part of the Weeping Woods, near the hills.

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There should be a couple of trucks in this forest that you can use to move around. They come in handy if you land near the buildings.

When do fireflies spawn?

Fireflies spawn during the night, when the Moon is visible. When you see stars in the sky, and no Moon, this means the night has either just started or is about to end. The trees make it hard to see the sky, so make sure the time is right before you enter.

Fortnite Time Day Fireflies Spawn

If you are working towards this specific weekly challenge, check the sky at the start of a match. The best time to go is when the sun is just about to go to down. This is a rare situation, but it can happen. You need about 1-2 minutes from the start of a match to landing, which is why you might not make it in time if the Moon is high up.

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