Refuel During Bush Missions - Flight Simulator 2020

Bush missions are special challenges in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. During these bush trips, fuel is going to be a major concern – the fueling stations won’t work, and the trucks won’t spawn at the airports. Since the flights are too long for a single tank, you will have to refuel at some point. But how? A substantial number of players have been wondering about this since the game’s launch. This guide will show you how to refuel during bushflights in Flight Simulator 2020.

refuel during bush missions flight simulator 2020
Refuel During Bush Missions – Flight Simulator 2020

How to refuel during bush trips?

There’s a simple trick to get around the fuel trucks on strike and the broken stations. All you have to do is go to the controls menu, make it show you all the commands (not just the assigned ones) and look for the one called “Repair and Refuel”. When you find it, you’ll see it isn’t bound to any key – simply bind it to something that isn’t already in use, and you’ll have your solution. Now just press the button you chose and you’ll be able to refuel during bush flights.

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At this point we have no idea whether the normal way of refueling is supposed to work this way during bush trips or if it’s a bug, but thankfully the newly-bound command will help either way. Your tank will end up full to the brim and your plane ready to take off again, so don’t sweat the details.

Although this might seem like a tough issue to deal with, many players have been experiencing far worse problems, from crashes and poor performance to not even being able to download the game. Those who’ve managed to start up the game and play without any technical hurdles are often struggling with controls and getting the autopilot to work.

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  1. J

    You’re supposed to be able to re-fuel by going to a parking lot in the airport (or re-fuel stations) and pressing SHIFT + F but that doesn’t work for me. So I’m gonna try your method.

  2. A

    Apparently you need to bind ‘Repair and Refuel’. Even works while in the air.

  3. S

    I checked my fuel level the first few legs of the bush trip and it didn’t seem to decrease so I stopped checking. Then on leg 7 or so I have to make a dead stick landing just a few NM out from the next landing point. Check the tanks again and no fuel… Restart at last airport (KHTH) and I think I’m lucky to have fuel available here so I pull up to the self-service pump but no way to refuel. I call the fuel truck and it doesn’t do anything. This trick worked but still feels a little cheaty!

  4. P

    Noob question, but how to I get my NavLog to update??? Got through leg 1, but now im flying blind with my GPS only, with no idea what the plan is lol

    1. M

      what has been working for me is coming to a complete stop at the destination airport and then parking with the parking break. It then should tell you that leg was successful then you got continue to the next one and the log should be updated.

  5. C
    collin cook

    Honestly I’m surprised this feature doesn’t work, It really breaks the immersion quality of the Bush Flight Missions and after all is that not what a flight sim is all about; Immersion?

    1. R

      immersion is for submarine sims! You’re meant to be in the air! =)

      1. W

        The name is a metaphoric use of the experience of submersion applied to representation, fiction or simulation. Immersion can also be defined as the state of consciousness where a “visitor” (Maurice Benayoun) or “immersant” (Char Davies)’s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an artificial environment; used for describing partial or complete suspension of disbelief, enabling action or reaction to stimulations encountered in a virtual or artistic environment. The greater the suspension of disbelief, the greater the degree of presence achieved.

        Did you want to talk about immersion, or were you just making chitchat?

  6. F
    Fred boeing 747

    Make sure the flight controller is mapped for fuel and repairs to a key on the joystick as in my case . Had a oil presure problem had to land to find all this out the hard way on( leg 10 pantigonia) fixes the oil pres problem as well As refuel midflight Then take off and continue the flight enjoy. ✈

  7. O

    The refueling info for the bush trip worked great. Bind a key and you are good to go….mucho thanks

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