Fortnite Curdle Scream Leader Location

If you’re struggling with finding the Fortnite Curdle Scream Leader location, don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this guide, we are going to show you the area that the NPC patrols and give you a few tips on how to spot him. We’ll also tell you why it’s important to seek the Curdle Scream Leader out in the first place.

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fortnite curdle scream leader location
Fortnite Curdle Scream Leader Location

Where is Curdle Scream Leader in Fortnite

The location of Curdle Scream Leader in Fortnite is to the east and northeast of Tilted Towers. He’s usually somewhere between Tilted Towers and the house that lies to the east of it. We’ve marked the general area for you in the screenshot below. The problem with the Curdle Scream Leader NPC is that he moves around. So, we unfortunately can’t pinpoint his exact location. The best advice we can give you is to glide around the area until you spot the monstrous NPC. From there, it should be child’s play to follow him and land close enough to interact. Be wary of other players who will be trying to do the exact same thing.

where is curdle scream leader in fortnite
Curdle Scream Leader location (click or tap to zoom in)

And there you have it, that’s where you’ll find the location of Curdle Scream Leader in Fortnite. As for why you should even bother, well, there are several reasons. For one, he sells two consumables that you’ll need in order to complete the Fortnitemare challenges. These are the Hop Drop and the Pepper Mint, which cost 100 Gold Bars each. He also sells the Pumpkin Launcher for 600 Gold Bars. Not only can you use it to complete some of the other Halloween challenges, but it’s also an incredible weapon. It deals about 100 damage per shot. You can see how that could be of use, especially if you’re surrounded with other players trying to trade with Curdle Scream Leader. Oh, and you’ll get a ton of XP for buying something from him.

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