Fortnite BR Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures, Dinosaurs, Hotsprings

Dance between three ice sculptures, dinosaurs, hotsprings is one of the new challenges in Fortnite BR. It consists of three stages, and in each you have to find a specific place with several objects, then dance between them. If you’re having trouble finding any of these places, this guide will show you the locations required for Fortnite BR Dance between three ice sculptures, dinosaurs, hotsprings challenge.

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fortnite br dance between three ice sculptures dinosaurs hot springs challenge
Fortnite BR Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

Three ice sculptures location

The ice sculptures are located in the southwestern part of the map, on the slopes below Polar Peak. Go to the village, then head southwest, towards Frosty Flights. You’ll notice an evergreen grove at the bottom of the hill. Enter it, and you’ll find the sculptures at its heart.

Three dinosaurs location

The dinosaurs are in the desert in the southeast. Go to Paradise Palms, then follow the road south from the city. You’ll soon reach a part of the road where three giant dinosaur statues reside. Stand anywhere between them and dance.

Four hotsprings location

The hot springs are one of the new areas from this season, so if you haven’t played too much in the last few months, you might not know where they are. They’re in the northern part of the map, near the very edge of the island. Go to Lazy Lagoon and head northeast, and you’ll reach them soon enough.

This should be one of the easier challenges this week. You just need to start dancing for the step to count as completed, so it doesn’t matter if some opportunistic player mows you down while you dance your worries away. Since pretty much everyone will be heading to these few locations for the challenge, be ready to die at the hands of griefers as soon as you land.