MK11 Heart Chest Loot & Locations - Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

Heart chests are loot containers in Mortal Kombat 11. You’ll need hearts to open them, but they’ll give you the best loot. Since this is such a rare currency, you can’t just open them all easily. Thankfully, it turns out that the loot from heart chests isn’t random, unlike the other containers. Each red chest will drop a batch of items for a certain character. This means that if you know where the chests for your favorite characters are, you can open those first and worry about the rest later. This guide is going to show you all MK11 heart chest loot & locations, to help you get those fancy cosmetics.

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mk11 heart chest loot locations
MK11 Heart Chest Loot & Locations – Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt

Shao Kahn chests loot & locations

Since they’re divided by character, we’re going to list them that way as well. We haven’t been able to open all of them, obviously, but thanks to a community effort spearheaded by u/TheCursedTroll, we’re pretty sure of their contents.

CharacterChest LocationLoot/Items
BarakaGardens (5646, 5216)Cut Up (brutality)
Dead Pool Despoiler (skin)
Okrakan of the Struggle (arm blades)
Invader of Lei Chen (head gear)
Ensign of the Ten Hells (war banner)
Horns of Battle (war banner augment)
Cassie CageCourtyard Cave (-3071,-2738)You Got BLB’d (brutality)
Space Titanium (skin)
Imported HK Snapdragon (pistol)
Rowdy AF (shades)
Tiny Dancer (drone)
Crashing Eagle (drone augment)
CetrionCourtyard (-791,-9331)Smoked Flesh (brutality)
Iron Will (skin)
Lucifina Hellzone (goddess crown)
Burnhide (eternal corona)
Talons of the One Beast (living tendrill)
Bone Shattering Stone (augment)
D’vorahKytinn Hive (5205,11834)Come My Child (brutality)
Inner Sight (skin)
Lavendrix Implanters (ovipositors)
Skin-Clenching Antlions (swarm)
The Descent (wings)
Hive Defender (augment)
Erron BlackWooden Bridge (-1055,-7033)Kiss My Spur (brutality)
Black Ruckus (skin)
FrostLower Courtyard (-7550,-5528)Beheaded (brutality)
Frozen Futurist(skin)
Cool Kombat (mask)
Ice Valkyrie (power relay)
Dynamic Zordian Engine (frozen core)
Hypothermic missiles (power relay augment)
GerasGoro’s Lair (-7748,-13987)Trapped (brutality)
Timeline Traveler (skin)
End of Years (knuckle duster)
Eleventh-Hour Saves (sand battery)
Death Be Unknown (temporal anchor)
Fading Memory (sand battery augment)
JadeDead Woods (3465,-1136)What Would Mileena Do? (brutality)
Olivine (skin)
The Imperial Gem (mask)
Amethyst Killstar (Razor-rang)
Stolen Thunder of Chun Hoo (staff)
Kiss the Dirt (augment)
Jacqui BriggsPalace Entrance (3465,-1136)???
JaxCourtyard (-70,3835)I Said Sleep (brutality)
Fast Mover (skin)
Horton’s Healers (bionic arms)
Dashaloo Campaign (belt buckle)
Boot Camp (thumper)
Tectonic Force (augment)
Johnny CageThe Dojo (3076,-4092)At The Dooooor (brutality)
Hollywood Hunk (skin)
Diamond Cutter (glasses)
Paladin of Pugilism (hand wraps)
Driven to Greatness (buckle)
Wire Funds (hand wrap augment)
KabalThe Pit (-8642,-6393)Screamer (brutality)
Speed Freak (skin)
Hardcore Black Dragon (face shield)
Gift of the Shaolin Monks (hook sword)
Bromantan (gas canister)
Leg Shredder (hook swords augment)
KanoCourtyard (-2984,4718)???
KitanaLower Pit (-7470,-975)Peeling Away (brutality)
Daughter of Hell (skin)
Vow of Silence (mask)
Artful Massacre (war fan)
Claw of Onaga (sai)
Stage a Coup (sai augment)
Kotal KahnCourtyard Cave (6607,-4469)Sawed (brutality)
Coatepec (skin)
Macana of the Osh-Tekk (macana)
Tochtli Blood Sickles (hook)
Talisman of the Osh-Tekk (totem)
Focused Beam (hook augment)
KollectorGoro’s Lair (5422,-1455)Slice Slice Slice (brutality)
Bootleg (skin)
J. Cage Fall Kollection (satchel)
Kartazian Ember Rocks (mystic beacon)
Shaolin Dragon Idol (chained balls)
Magical Redirection (augment)
Kung LaoGoro’s Throne Room (-1545,-3414)???
Liu KangKytinn Hive (-5487,-1830)Insert Koin (brutality)
Streets of Fire (skin)
Pouncing Tiger (headband)
Phoenix Wings (nunchaku)
Devastating One Knuckle Punch (bracers)
Bond of Fire (headband augment)
Noob SaibotDining Hall (-3464,-2183)More Portals More Problems (brutality)
Great Bi-Han’s Ghost (skin)
Gao Yang (mask)
Primordial Kombat (sickle)
Soul of Immortal Victory (shadow)
Sudden Sunset (sickle augment)
RaidenGoro’s Lair (13228,4965)God’s Wrath (brutality)
Lightning Tempest (skin)
Patron of the Shaolin (hat)
Darkcloud (staff)
Gift of the Elder Gods (medallion)
Bound Lightning (augment)
ScorpionThe Jails (-6864,1181)Save Me A Slice (brutality)
Punisher (skin)
Sama of the Shirai Ryu (ninja mask)
Fumio Hasashi’s Wrath (katana)
Hokkaido Ablaze (spear)
Soul Piercing Throw (katana augment)
Shao KahnTorture Halls (1767,6455)Head Kabob (brutality)
Blood Stone Butcher (skin)
Sunbreaker (wrath hammer)
Shinnok’s Adversary (emperor’s helmet)
Kahngorin Lance (lance)
Strong Arm Throw (helmet augment)
SkarletChamber of Suffering (-5208,4919)Beautiful Blood (brutality)
Erythrocyte (skin)
Bloody Bewitcher (mask)
Bloodmaster’s Handblade (daggers)
Mileena’s Bastard Blood (blood vial)
Befouling Torrent (augment)
SonyaThe Vault (5085,1618)Kisses (brutality)
Army Brat (skin)
Model Soldier (head gear)
Shock and Awe (glove)
Rolling Thunder (KAT turret)
Mobility Breaker (augment)
Sub-ZeroArmory (-5426,-5804)Butchered (brutality)
White Stalker (skin)
Cryomancer of War (mask)
Rime Axe of Shanshen (axe)
Grand Master’s Deadly Arsenal (belt)
Surging Frost (augment)

Scorpion fire chests loot & locations

These aren’t divided by characters, but they still always drop the same items. In order to open them, you’ll first have to use Scorpion’s Spear to pull a nearby flaming skull, then pay 100 hearts.

Chest LocationLoot/Items
Goro’s Dining Hall (-807,-88)200 time krystals
Nopalla (Kotal Kahn skin)
Shining Ocelot Maqahuitl (Kotal Kahn Macana)
Ghastly Rider (Erron Black hat)
Deadly Hand of Bell Yim (Jade razor-rang)
Rusty Antique Six Shooter (forge item)
Dead Woods (7111,-3899)200 time krystals
Uncomfortable Ally (Jaxx Briggs skin)
Right Slipshot (Jacqui Briggs gauntlet)
STFU (Cassie Cage pistol)
Steel Dragon (Jaxx Briggs bionic arms)
Busted Black Market Gauntlet (forge item)
Goro’s Lair (2634,-8226)200 time krystals
On The Bottle (Kano skin)
Jack’s Epic Eye (Kano eye shield)
Weeping Nightmare (Kabal face shield)
Hella Wicked (Erron Black hat)
Bent Hook Swords (forge item)
Lower Pit (-8914,-3352)200 time krystals
Forest Kamouflage (Scorpion skin)
Look of Fiery Reckoning (Scorpion ninja mask)
Endless Winter (Sub-Zero ninja mask)
Noob Saibot (Noob Saibot mask)
Cracked Lin Kuei Bombshell (forge item)
Courtyard (-1841,-7738)200 time krystals
Seeing Green (Baraka skin)
Hopewrecker (Shao Kahn wrath hammer)
Diamphidiated Okrakan (Baraka arm blades)
Kombat Pack (Kollector satchel)
Torn Sack (forge item)
Gardens (2500,3700)200 time krystals
Apotheosis (Geras skin)
Fist of the Midnight Hour (Geras knuckle duster)
Serratogga (Cetrion goddess crown)
Korruption (Frost mask)
Depowered Tekunin Core (forge item)
Lower Courtyard (-6581,-5106)200 time krystals
Greater Evil (Liu Kang skin)
Keen Kompetitor (Kung Lao razor hat)
Elite Shaolin (Liu Kang headband)
Lightning Sentinel (Raiden hat)
Ill Fitting Dull Bladed Hat (forge item)
Shang Tsung’s Throne Room (12013,324)Encroaching Blades (Kabal gas canister augment)
Control the Throne (Kitana sai augment)
Shadow Spire (Noob Saibot mask augment)
Master’s Speed (Liu Kang bracers augment)
Dominant Presence (Kotal Kahn totem augment)
Armory (-3009,-5883)200 time krystals
Proper Attire (Jade skin)
Kombat Courtier (Jade mask)
Queen of Bloodsuckers (Skarlet mask)
Mygalomorphae (D’vorah ovipositor)
Grotesque Mutated Larva (forge item)
Torture Halls (3496,3479)200 time krystals
Marigold (Kitana skin)
Barbaric Beauty (Kitana mask)
Cybertronic Patriot (Jax bionic arms)
Invincible Shaolin (Liu Kang headband)
Zombie Chains (forge item)
Kytinn Hive (4284,10486)200 time krystals
Silverlake (Johnny Cage skin)
Big Wave Surfari (Johnny Cage shades)
Airborne Ranger (Sonya head gear)
Pop-pop (Cassie Cage pistol)
Antique Training Manualk (forge item)
Goro’s Fortress (9468,3757)Squib Technician (Johnny Cage shades)
Dragon Fire (Liu Kang headband)
Netherrealm’s Nemesis (Raiden hat)
Commanding Presence (Sonya head gear)
Arctika Whiteout (Sub-Zero ninja mask)
Heated Kenjutsu Look (Scorpion ninja mask)

Thanks to Seth Oglesby, Zachary, Seriizawaa, Gabe Weir, Jackson, Yannick, Ziva for the additional information.