Fortnite Dial Durrr Burger & Pizza Pit Number Big Telephone Locations

Dial Durrr Burger number and Pizza Pit number on the Big Telephone are two stages of one weekly challenge in Fortnite Season 8 Week 8. Both stages require you to find huge rotary phones, and dial the number written on them with your Harvesting Tool. The Fortnite Durrr Burger phone number and Pizza Pit phone number are relatively easy to find, but they might give you some trouble. Our Fortnite Dial Durrr Burger & Pizza Pit Number Big Telephone Locations guide is going to show you where to find the big telephones, where to find the phone numbers of Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit, and how to dial the phone.

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Fortnite Dial Durrr Burger & Pizza Pit Number Big Telephone Locations
Fortnite Dial Durrr Burger & Pizza Pit Number Big Telephone Locations

Where to Find Durrr Burger Big Telephone West of Fatal Fields?

To find the big telephone with the Durrr Burger number on it, you’ll, in fact, have to go southwest of Fatal Fields. If you look at the map, you’ll find a mountain just at the edge of where the snowy area starts. That’s exactly where you have to land. The phone is white, and it’s “hiding” between several fir trees at the south of the mountaintop. It might be a little difficult to spot from the air, being white against the snow. Once you land on the mountaintop, though, you’ll spot it fairly easily.

The Durrr Burger phone number is on the phone itself. To dial the number, you have to hit the appropriate number with your Harvesting Tool. It might take a bit of time, so maybe fortifying yourself is a good idea. After you dial the number, wait until the game notifies you that the challenge is complete, and proceed on your way.

Pizza Pit Number on Big Telephone east of The Block – Where to Find?

To find the Pizza Pit number on the big telephone east of The Block, you have to go, well, east of The Block. The location is in the upper right corner of E-2. It’s just to the west of the bay that leads into Lazy Lagoon, almost at the edge of the cliff. The phone is bright red, so it’s not hard to spot from the air fairly far away. The only thing that might block your view are the trees around it.

As is the case with the Durrr Burger big telephone, you dial the number by hitting the appropriate numbers with your Harvesting Tool. The number you need to dial is on the phone itself. Make sure to keep an eye out for enemy players, because this might take a while.

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