Fortnite BR Search Treasure Map Signpost in Paradise Palms

Search the treasure map signpost found in Paradise Palms is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. There are two steps in this challenge – first you need to find the aforementioned treasure map, which is hidden somewhere in the desert town, then you have to find the place that’s marked with an X on it. If you’re having trouble finding either of these, our Fortnite BR search treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms guide will help you.

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fortnite br weekly challenge paradise palms treasure map
Fortnite BR Search Treasure Map Signpost in Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms treasure map signpost location

Paradise Palms is the relatively big town in the middle of the desert area, in the southeast of the map. The signpost with the map is hidden in the alley across the street from the hotel. Land in front of the skyscraper, cross the street and walk between the two stores. You’ll run into a wall, and the map will be right in front of you. Approach it, and the game should tick the first step of this challenge off the list.

Search the X on the treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms

UPDATE: The map shows the airport at Frosty Flights. You can see the runway, the two hangars, the control tower and the edge of the map. The X is on the southwest end of the runway.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Since the challenge is not live yet, we have no idea where the X is or even what the map looks like. At this point, only the signpost with a blank piece of paper is present. There’s a battle star in the upper left corner and a compass rose in the upper right, which means this will definitely be the map, but where it’ll point players is anyone’s guess.

We’re going to update the guide with the X’s locations as soon as the challenge is in the game, which should be at some point tomorrow. This is going to be one of the easier challenges, since you can complete it even if there’s a dozen other people there, scrambling to finish it themselves or shooting at you.