Fortnite Dune Leaks - Skins & Cosmetics

The Fortnite Dune skins and cosmetics leaks have been made public by dataminers, so we can all get a good look at what these things are gonna look like. Based only on what I’ve seen from these dataminers, there seems to be quite a bit of thought put into these. It’s not a slap-dash media crossover like some have been. So, with all of that said, let’s get into the details.

fortnite dune leaks skins & cosmetics
Fortnite Dune Leaks – Skins & Cosmetics (image via HYPEX)

Fortnite Dune Skins & Cosmetics Leaked

As we’ve already said, thanks to the ever-diligent group of dataminers, we can take a good look at the Fortnite Dune skins and cosmetics leaks. As I understand it, we have HYPEX to thank for this one; if I’m wrong about that, feel free to let me know in the comments below. At the very least, he put together the video below. Now that we’ve given credit where credit is due, let’s dive into the specifics, shall we?

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First off, there are two skins, one of Chani (Zendaya’s character) and Paul Atreides, our main hero. It seems that they have two versions, one where their faces are fully visible and one where they’re covered with the stillsuit masks. The backpacks are Fremkits, aka desert-survival gear in the world of Dune. The glider is an ornithopter (the air transport you have probably already seen in the trailers). As for the pickaxes from the Fortnite Dune skins and cosmetics leaks, they can be either twinblades, Paul’s weapon of choice, or Maker Hooks, which are tools that Fremen use to attach to and ride sandworms.

There is also the Dune-themed loading screen, as pictured above, and the sandwalk emote. It depicts the weird, rhythm-less way Fremen need to walk across the sands to avoid attracting sandworms. Yes, I am a huge Dune fan and can’t wait to see the movie, how could you guess? Anyway, we don’t know when these cosmetics will launch in Fortnite, but since the movie is coming out globally in a few days, I’d imagine it’ll be soon.

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