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Cookie Run Kingdom Raspberry Cookie toppings are toppings that you can apply onto the cookie to give it various boosts. Now, these choices are always up to you, ultimately, but we can definitely give you some tips based on Raspberry’s intended role. That, of course, is the front line charge cookie, aka the DPS. So, bearing all of that in mind, here are some pointers on what you should apply to her in our Raspberry Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom guide.

raspberry cookie toppings cookie run kingdom
Raspberry Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings for Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The best toppings for Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Rune Kingdom is some combo of Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond. if you want to go whole-hog on Cooldown Reduction, you can place Swift Chocolate on all five topping spaces, especially if they’re high-tier. Reminder, high-tier Chocolate adds +1.8% to Cooldown Reduction, with an extra 5% if you equip five of them. So, this is a pretty valid build, considering that Raspberry is a charge cookie that is a damage-dealer, and her skill is very powerful. If this is something that works for you, by all means, go for it.

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Now, with all that said, you should consider throwing in at least one Solid Almond in there for Damage Reduction. Just one high-tier Solid Almond grants you 1.7% to Damage reduction, which can really come in handy for a front line cookie like Raspberry. While we’re on the subject, when it comes to the best Raspberry Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom, you can also play around with three Swift Chocolate and two Solid Almond, or vice versa. However, going with only one Swift Chocolate is pushing it, because Raspberry is not a tank, but a DPS character.

And that about covers it. Ultimately, the decision of which toppings you’ll use depends on your needs, of course. We’re just here to give some recommendations. Speaking of, if you need help making these decisions with other cookies, you can check out some of our other guides on the subject; namely, Mala Sauce Cookie Toppings and Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings.

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