Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Solutions

Fortnite Cipher Quests are back! First introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1, they return in Chapter 4, Season 2. And while most of them are just like other regular challenges in your favourite battle royale, others are unique and require some puzzle-solving and spymaster skills. This guide provides solutions for all Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest codes and coordinates.

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Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Solutions

All Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Answers

If you can’t be bothered spending time on solving each individual Fornite Cipher coordinates puzzle on your own, don’t worry! Below, you’ll find all the answers you need to complete Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quests. Each day until March 7th, 2023, Epic Games will add a new code for us to crack. And we will endeavour to add solutions in a timely manner so that you know exactly what you need to do. Without further ado, here are all current Fortnite Cipher codes and solutions. – Inspect the Wall Beneath the Eastern Building Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest

The first quest comes with the following sequence of numbers: “” This is accompanied by a message saying, “Inspect the wall..beneath the eastern building at…(MESSAGE ENCRYPTED)”. Thanks to hardworking community members like realNumberSets, we know that the answer is Anvil Square. Hence, to complete the first Encrypted Cipher Challenge, you’ll need to go to the basement of the easternmost building at Anvil Square and interact with the shining wall in the basement. 1.22. – Evie. It is time for us to come to you. See you soon. -X

The second Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest reads, “Evie. It is time for us to come to you. See you soon. -X.” Of course, there’s a code as well: “ 1.22.”. Converted into letters, this code means “Spray At Splits Bowl.” From here, it’s pretty self-explanatory what you need to do. Head to the Faulty Splits POI and then to the Splits Bowl bowling alley. However, don’t go inside. Rather, use your Emote Wheel outside the building to spray graffiti on the wall to complete this quest.

The solution for the March 1st Encrypted Cipher Quest in Fortnite is LONELY LABS. Head to Lonely Labs. There is an open orange metal storage container near the Capture Point flag. Enter inside and use the stairs to go down. Once inside, simply interact with any computer to complete the quest.

Answer for the March 2nd Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest code SHATTERED SLABS.

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    So excited for when this article gets updated, youve been so helpful getting through most of these :] i just have yet to find the spot in shattered slabs. Take your time of course, and huge thanks again dude

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    On slabs, you gotta pickaxe the ground on a cliff near the flag

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