Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Golden Cicada Shell

Not sure how to use Golden Cicada Shells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty ? The next action RPG from the creators of Nioh – Team Ninja – is here! And just like their previous games, it hides numerous secrets and mysteries. This guide explains to whom to give these shells and where to find all 20 Golden Cicada Shell locations in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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Golden Cicada Shell Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Where to turn in Golden Cicada Shells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

What are Golden Cicada Shells Used for in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Golden Cicada shells are of no use to you in the game. However, there is a particular character who would like to collect them. You’ll find this character in the hidden village. He will be standing on the rooftop of a big tower-like house. The one below which you’ve found your first Golden Cicada Shell. Use the vines around the tower to climb to the top. Just like all other dwellers of the village, this one is named Hermit of Tianzhu as well. Check out our images below so that you know who’s the guy.

Once you find him, speak to him. He’ll explain that he wants them because he is “after the secrets of immortality”. He’s collecting these golden-glowing cicadas to “transcend death”. And whenever you bring them to him, he’ll give you “something valuable” in return. In total, there are 20 of these scattered across various levels. Read on to learn where to find all 20 of them. Of course, there will be spoilers.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty All Golden Cicada Shells Locations

  1. Mt. Tianzhushan Hidden Village – One of the first you’ll find is located just beneath the tower in the hidden village, the tower with the hermit on top of it.
  2. Two Chivalrous Heroes – At one point after the Zhuyan boss fight, you’ll find a building with a platform which allows you to climb up to its rooftop. You’ll find a Cicada on the wooden platform on the rooftop.
  3. The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven – On the roof of one of the houses in the village.
  4. Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch (1) – Inside a prison cell below the bridge, guarded by two Huoshu.
  5. Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch (2) – On a roof just above the Battle Flag in the garden area with pinkish lakelets.
  6. Darkness Over the Hanshui River – There is a wooden platform below the wooden shipwreck at the start of the mission, guarded by a Shuigui.
  7. The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass – At the end of a chasm below the battlefield with a Changgui demon.
  8. Centuries of Glory Burned Away (1) – Enter a street left of the second Battle Flag. You’ll spot two soldiers there. The Golden Cicada Shell is hidden behind some fire near the houses.
  9. Centuries of Glory Burned Away (2) – In the second part of the mission, near the end of a canal, you’ll spot a small blind bay. Head inside to find a Cicada.
  10. In Search of the Immortal Wizard – Inside the red corruption cave, near the beginning of the cave.
  11. Tyrant’s Final Banquet (1) – Once the invasion starts, you’ll reach the second part of the fort. There’s a small catwalk above the gate. And a Golden Cicada on top of it.
  12. Tyrant’s Final Banquet (2) – On the rooftop in an area patrolled by a Changgui, just after you defeat a Fengxi mini-boss.
  13. The Way of the Warrior – There is a side area in the swamps protected by a Zhupolong after the first Battle Flag. A Golden Cicada Shell is hidden among vegetation there.
  14. Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men – Near the end of the mission, atop the wooden fort. There is a wooden cage-like structure and a shell inside it.
  15. Behold the Glaive of Righteousness (1) – In the foggy area of this level, you’ll stumble upon a high ladder defended by a Chenggui. Defeat him, climb the ladder, cross the bridge, climb a small tower to the right of the bridge, and grab the shell from a nearby branch.
  16. Behold the Glaive of Righteousness (2) – Climb the ledges in the room with two terracotta soldiers with big swords in the subterranean zone. You’ll spot a red crystal guarded by a Houshu. Beat him, and you’ll find a Golden Cicada Shell behind him.
  17. War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely (1) – Once you cleanse the corruption of a Battle Flag controlled by a spearman, head along the path and make two right turns. You’ll find another spearman guarding a chest. Beat the soldier and loot the chest to find the shell.
  18. War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely (2) – In the sewers, there’s a room with two terracotta soldiers on a platform with a chest. Beat them and grab the loot from the chest.
  19. Decisive Battle of Guandu (1) – Behind the second humongous statue, there’s a hidden ledge with a Golden Cicada Shell on it.
  20. Decisive Battle of Guandu (2) – After the first boss fight, descend into an area behind a Shitieshou. There, you will find a shell.
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