Find Secret Door at Shuffled Shrines Fortnite

The Find the Secret Door Past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines challenge is one of the new Indiana Jones quests. Completing this quest will grant you the Indy’s Dustoff emote. But more importantly, it is a requirement if you want to unlock the bonus Temple Explorer outfit style for Indiana Jones. However, many players are finding themselves confused over this quest, as they are not sure where to find this door. In this guide, we outline where to find the Secret Door in Shuffled Shrines and how to open it.

Find Secret Door at Shuffled Shrines Fortnite

How to Find Secret Door Past the Main Chamber in Shuffled Shrines Fortnite

The long-awaited Indiana Jones outfit is now finally available in Fortnite, but getting it will not be an easy process. Asides from the fact that you need to purchase the latest battle pass, you’ll also need to complete a series of challenging quests. Some are rather straightforward, but some will require a bit of puzzle-solving. After all, it is Indiana Jones we’re talking about here, there needs to be some adventuring and ancient mystery-solving.

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Probably the most confusing out of the nine quests is the one which requires players to find a secret door in Shuffled Shrines. In a true manner of Indiana Jones, we will have to solve a few puzzles in an ancient temple. The secret door in question is located in the middle of the ruins in Shuffled Shrines. This stone door resembles a face with big round eyes and pointy teeth. In front of it, there are four stone pillars with strange symbols. These stones can be rotated, and you are probably already guessing what we need to do here.

We need to set the stones so that they show a correct combination of symbols. The first step is to look around the ruins for the four correct symbols. You’ll find these symbols (runes) on stone slabs around Shuffled Shrines. Their location correlates with the stones in front of the secret door. This means the southwest rune is for the left-most stone, etc. Once you find them all and place the correct symbols on each pillar, they’ll start shining and the secret door will unlock. Now you can enter and collect some juicy loot, just watch out for the poisonous darts when you enter inside!

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