FFXIV Error 2002 Fix, Lobby Server Connection Solution

The long-awaited Endwalker expansion pack has finally arrived to Final Fantasy XIV, at least for Early Access adopters. With it comes a whole slew of new content, and, as always, a large influx of new players. Whenever this happens, technical issues usually follow. One of the most common errors you can get in FFXIV is the infamous Error 2002. This is accompanied by a “The lobby server connection has encounter an error.” After that, you get disconnected from the game. Since Endwalker is almost here, we thought that this is the perfect time to write this FFXIV Error 2002 Fix, Lobby Server Connection Solution guide which will – hopefully – help players both old and new if they are encountering and struggling with this error.

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Error 2002 FFXIV Lobby Server Connection Error Fix

How to Fix Error 2002 FF14 Lobby Server Connection Error

This error occurs if, for whatever reason, the internet connection between your device and the FF14 Online servers is getting lost. This can either be down to issues with your connection, or the game servers being down – like they recently were due to server maintenance and downtime for the Endwalker expansion. If it is the latter case, then there isn’t anything you can do about this but to wait for until the maintenance is done on Square Enix’s end. However, if that isn’t the case, here are a couple of things you can try out to see if they will help restore your connection.

The first thing you should always do first when you get an error of any kind is to restart your computer or console. More often than not, this will do the trick. The second method you can attempt is to restart your router. Turn it off for a minute or so, and then turn it back on again to see if the error is still present. If that also isn’t helping you, one final thing to do is to turn off your home internet and connect to the game using your mobile phone’s hotspot data share.

If the game is connecting normally, then it’s down to your home internet, and it’s time to give your service provider a call. And, if none of these have worked for you and Error 2002 in FFXIV is still persisting, there’s nothing left to do but to contact Final Fantasy XIV Online support for further assistance.

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    Wyoming Duran

    Ahh yes. The server I am connecting to is throwing errors. Better restart my computer that has nothing wrong with it. That always solves the issue.
    How about instead you write, “There is literally nothing you can do besides wait for them to fix it or for the congestion to go down.” which is the only actual solution.

    1. B
      Baro Llyonesse

      Yeah, pretty much spot on. SE has admitted that it’s a congestion problem with login. In fact, rebooting everything is the /last/ thing you want to do, because if you can log back into the data center fast enough, it will remember who you are and try to put you back in where you were. Rebooting your PC and/or router takes time that prevents that. Also, why in God’s name would you call your ISP? That’s a 20-60 minute call for them to tell you there’s nothing wrong on their end.

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      this is well said and i think we should have this man rewrite the article

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    Dude. No need to go so hard. Your computer is good. That’s great for you. There’s other people looking for answers; it’s not all about you. Chill, man.

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