Fortnite BR First Birthday Challenges & Event Revealed

The first birthday of Fortnite is right around the corner. To celebrate, Epic Games will be hosting a birthday event from July 24th to August 7th. During the event, there will be special challenges to complete and rewards to earn. Both Battle Royale and Save the World modes will get their own birthday stuff.

Fortnite BR First Birthday Challenges & Event Revealed
Fortnite BR First Birthday Challenges & Event Revealed

Fortnite is turning one year old very soon, on July 24th. And, as you’d expect, Epic Games has prepared an in-game birthday event, with challenges that you have to complete for XP, Sprays, Emoticons, and Back Bling. Even Save the World will get a Birthday event. The event will last from tomorrow, July 24th, until August 7th, so that’s more than enough time to complete it all. According to the announcement post, there’ll be even more stuff, from the “birthday Battle Bus to the sploder husks carrying a tasty surprise.”

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So, what exactly are the Birthday Challenges? According to the blog, there will be three challenges for us to complete. The first one is pretty simple: play fourteen matches, and you’ll get 5000 XP. Next up, deal 1000 damage, and you’ll earn the “Fortnite Birthday!” Emoticon. Lastly, there’s Dance at different birthday cakes. Dance in front of then of them to get the “Happy Birthday!” Spray. Completing all three challenges will reward you with the Birthday Cake Back Bling. And, if you want to share some of your antics during the birthday event, Epic encourages you to use the #Fortnite1st hashtag. That’s up to you, of course.

For the five of you that play the Save the World mode, you’re also getting your own Birthday event, in the form of the Fortnite Birthday questline. Completing it will earn you the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero. You can also earn tickets that you can spend on Birthday Llamas, in which you’ll find Heroes and weapons from previous events of this year (nor counting quest rewards). Presumably, this too will last until August 7th.

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