Fortnite BR Birthday Cake Locations - Dance in front of different cakes

Dance in front of different birthday cakes is a special challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s part of the game’s first birthday celebration, and it’s available to all players. You’ll need to finish it and two more if you want the unique cake back bling, and you’ll need to find ten of them to do so. If you get stuck searching for the elusive sweets, keep reading our Fortnite BR birthday cake locations guide.

fortnite br dance in front of different birthday cakes
Fortnite BR Birthday Cake Locations – Dance in front of different cakes

Dance in front of different birthday cakes

UPDATE: The patch is live and so are the cakes. They’re pretty huge, so most of them will probably be outside. Some players are having troubles with the birthday challenges, so don’t lose it if you dance and the game doesn’t register it. The first one we found was on the outskirts of Pleasant Park, to the east (towards the Durr Burger).

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The next one was by Loot Lake, on the southern shore. It’s right next to the waterfall that turns into a river.

Then there was the one in Lazy Links. It’s actually outside the area itself, by the road to the southeast. You’ll find it east of the groundskeeper’s house south of the golf courses.

If you end up in Greasy Grove, you can find one cake there. It’s in the middle of the street in the northeastern part of town, between the burger joint and the basketball court.

While you’re in the neighborhood, you can look for one in Flush Factory. It’s directly in front of the giant toilet bowl, in the parking lot in front of the factory.

Afterwards, you can go to Risky Reels, the newly-renovated drive-in theater in the northeast. There’s a hill south of the theater, and a giant cake on top of it.

Head southeast, and you’ll find another in Lonely Lodge. It’s at the entrance to the parking lot in the west of the area.

You can then visit Retail Row for another giant cake. This one is in the eastern part of the area, where the shops are. It’s in the southeast of the big parking lot.

Of course, there’s also one in Paradise Palms. It’s outside the city, on the northern edge, near the chariot by the road.

The last piece of cake (HAR!) is in Fatal Fields. You’ll find it in the middle of the road between the two fields in the north part of the area.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Since you need ten for the challenge, there’s probably at least fifteen, maybe even twenty of them. It’s not going to be easy – all 100 million players will be trying to get them, and some are bound to grief the cake dancers by lying in ambush. The event starts tomorrow, and lasts until August 7th, so it would probably be best if you waited a bit before tackling this challenge.

As it isn’t live yet, we can’t tell with certainty where the cakes will be. We’ll update this guide as soon as the cakes appear in the game, with screenshots and precise locations. Until then, all we can do is speculate. The cakes should be hard to miss – they’re going to have five tiers, blue and yellow, wiith a bunch of white frosting and pine tree decorations. The top is peppered with a bunch of small candles, as well as a big one, in the shape of the number one.

We’re guessing they’ll mostly be found on tables, which is where cakes usually reside. However, knowing Fortnite, they might appear in the most unusual places, like dusty attics, hay-fileld barns, toilet factory conveyor belts and such. When you’ve danced in front of ten of them, you’ll get a special birthday spray.

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