Fortnite First Game of Season All Bots - Chapter 2 Season 1

The first game of the season in Fortnite Chapter 2 started immediately after the intro cinematic. A lot of folks found this match to be too easy, and loads of them managed to get their victory umbrella without breaking a sweat. This has made them wonder whether all the other players in sad match were bots. Either they got better during the two-day break, or others got worse. If you’re losing sleep over whether Fortnite first game of season was all bots, we’re going to put your mind at ease with this article.

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fortnite first game of season all bots
Fortnite First Game of Season All Bots – Chapter 2 Season 1

Was the first Fortnite Chapter 2 match all bots?

No. Definitely not. Although a lot of people report encountering only seemingly brain-dead enemies, there’s a large number of those who got absolutely destroyed by advanced techniques. Since the game only just got bots, it’s no surprise Epic would want to show them off immediately. And it’s a nice way to welcome new players.

The bots are going to be added during the skill-based matchmaking phase, and upper tier players won’t see them often. However, since the score is based on current season alone, the first few games are always going to have lots of them.

Also, keep in mind that just because someone isn’t good at the game, that doesn’t make them an actual bot. Fortnite’s building segment is anything but intuitive to a lot of folks, and the gun play is wildly different from any of the popular shooters from the past two decades. So essentially, what you may consider a bot might just be someone new. There’s no easy way to tell AI players apart from regular people, so don’t be quick to label everyone a bot.

Yes, I’m pretty bad at the game. Why do you ask?

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