Fortnite BR Floating Lightning Bolts Locations - Weekly Challenge

Search floating lightning bolts is a new weekly challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s part of the first week of challenges in Season 5, and in order to complete it, you’ll have to find and interact with seven of these new objects. If you’re having trouble finding them, our Fortnite BR floating lightning bolts locations guide will help you.

fortnite br search floating lightning bolts
Fortnite BR Floating Lightning Bolts Locations – Weekly Challenge

Search floating lightning bolts

You’ll find the first one on the ridge south of Risky Reels, in the northeastern part of the map. It’s above the RV, and you’ll recognize it by the yellow glow.

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There’s another one in the unnamed factory town in the south of the map, between Lucky Landing and Flush Factory. It’s in the middle of the street, near the giant club and the two trucks.

You can find one at the motel west of Lazy Links, which is where Anarchy Acres used to be, in the middle of the north part of the map. The bolt is above the motel, near the crashed RV.

There’s also one at Junk Junction, in the northwestern corner of the map. It’s at the back, in the northwestern corner of the compound, above one of the scrap heaps.

If you’re near Snobby Shores, in the southwestern corner of the map, you can grab one more. It’s at the top of the mountain to the northeast of the houses, where the villain lair used to be.

This one’s pretty easy to miss – it’s halfway between Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills. It’s suspended high up in the air, between the two hills. You’ll need a lot of materials to reach it, so come prepared.

If you head south, you’ll be able to find one at Greasy Grove. It’s in the middle of the area, between the burger joint and the sporting goods store.

There’s also one in Tilted Towers, because of course there is. It’s floating between the two tallest buildings, in the middle of the place.

You can get one at Loot Lake, as well. It’s near the western edge of the lake, by the two factory buildings.

Afterwards, you can head to Lonely Lodge, where you’ll find a lonely bolt hanging in the air next to the watchtower cabin.

One is hiding out in Salty Springs. You’ll find it in the western part of the village, in the street between the two houses.

There’s also one in Paradise Palms, the new locations in the southeast of the map, where Moisty Mire used to be. It’s in the west, behind an apartment building and a mesa.

If you head on over to Lucky Landing, you’ll find another lighting bolt. It’s east of the town itself, next to the solitary tower temple.

If you’re looking for a less crowded place, you can find one next to the orange bridge. It goes across the river southeast of Shifty Shafts, and the bolt is floating next to it.

The last one we’ve found is in Dusty Divot. It’s on top of the tree that grows from the middle of the crater, where the large building with the meteorite used to be.

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