Fortnite Season 5 Intro Cinematic Possibly Leaked

The intro cinematic for Fortnite Season 5 has apparently been leaked by dataminers. The short video shows us how the mohawk-wearing person ended up in the game. After that, random objects, such as a stage coach, a golf cart, and a Viking ship, start popping into existence. This matches the Season 5 theme of worlds colliding perfectly.

Fortnite Season 5 Intro Cinematic Possibly Leaked
Fortnite Season 5 Intro Cinematic Possibly Leaked

Season 5 in Fortnite has been on the minds of the gaming community for a good, long while now. Epic Games have basically started the hype train a-rollin’ ever since the rocket in the villain’s lair launched and opened a crack in the skies. The event also opened several rifts in reality, which have swallowed some of Fortnite’s landmarks, including poor old Durr Burger. Later on, random things like anchors and Wild West coaches started showing up in random places. All of this buildup is going to pay off with the launch of Season 5: Worlds Collide.

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With the launch of Fortnite Season 5 being pretty much around the corner, new information about it has been leaking left and right. Included in the bunch is a new cinematic trailer, posted by Reddit user BeardyDuck. It’s a short and silly video, but it does plenty to increase the hype. The video starts with recapping the events that the rocket caused, including the disappearance of Durr Burger. Then, we cut to the California Desert, with mohawk man from the image above spray-painting the image of the fox on the burger’s tongue. Both get sucked into the game, and pandemonium begins.

Several things pop up out of nowhere: a golf cart, a stage coach, a head from Easter Island, and a whole Viking ship. These all fit perfectly with the theme of colliding worlds in Season 5. It seems that random objects from different eras of history are going to be appearing in the game. Plus, as the Fortnite Season 5 patch notes reveal, you’ll be able to step through different rifts and see what lies beyond.

UPDATE: It’s official now!

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