Fortnite BR Flush Factory Chest Locations - Week 4 Challenge

Search chests in Flush Factory is a part of the new weekly challenge from the Fortnite BR Battlepass. Unlike the previous one that was located in the far northwestern part of the map, you’ll find Flush Factory in the southwestern area. The chest locations in Flush Factory are strewn across the area. This guide is going to help you by showing you all Fortnite BR Flush Factory chest locations.

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Fortnite BR Search Chests in Flush Factory
Flush Factory Chests Locations – Week 4 Challenge

Where to find chests in Flush Factory?

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to search seven chests in Flush Factory. Since there are about ten of them in there, you’ll be able to complete it faster than before. Four of them are found within the factory, while six more are in the yard outside, or inside a smaller factory building in the southeastern part.

Let’s go over the chests inside the main factory building. The first one in this guide will be at the start of the green production line, second floor, in the eastern part of the building. There is a half-closed door, and a production line going out of it, that you can break and get into the building. It is far easier to break the nearby wall, as it has less elements to destroy in order to enter the premises. As you get in, look to your right, and you’ll see the chest. Now, before you go down the production line, for the next chest, look toward the second green production line on the east. It is on the same level, next to the white metal fence and wooden window sashes. At the end of this small production line, there is one chest, on top of a ceramic toilet bowl.

For the next one, follow the green production line from the first chest to its other end, towards the east. Soon enough, you’ll spot another chest on top of the small white room. You can jump on top of the room from a nearby spot, saving you some crafting materials. Jump down and head southwest, toward the green door in a tiny room. This will get you outside the complex – go down the metal staircase and turn right. This final factory chest is inside a small room, on the ground floor in the south. It is hidden behind a yellow wooden box, and a brick arch.

The first chest outside the complex is inside a dark grey truck in the northeastern part of the parking lot. It is easy to spot from the distance, as you can see it when you land here. The next one is on the opposite side of the parking lot, on the northwestern side, inside a green pickup truck.

Southwest from the previous chest, you’ll see some metal cargo containers. The grey one facing the factory has one chest inside. Close to this one, there is another dark grey truck. You’ll have to jump down one level to hop into it.

The final two chest locations are a bit farther. The first one is in the southwestern part of the complex, inside a blue cargo container. Just follow the metal fence, or the brick wall, and you’ll reach it. The final one is also in the southeastern part of the complex. There is a long metal catwalk that leads to it from the main factory. If you go through the door on the roof and go down one level, you’ll be able to spot this chest. It’s on the second floor, in the corner of the metal staircase.

Obviously, Flush Factory is under siege right now. If you’re not in a hurry, you should leave this challenge for later. Ideally, you’d start solving it next week, once the commotion dies down. If not, you’re going to compete with at least 20 people each time you try to land there.


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