Search Between Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, Circle of Hedges Fortnite

Search between a Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, and a Circle of Hedges is a Week 4 challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale. It requires you to find a certain point that is somewhere in between the Rock Sculpture, Circle of Hedges. and a Vehicle Tower. To complete this challenge, you need to rely on your knowledge of the map. The three landmarks, the tower, sculpture, and circle, won’t be too far from each other, but enough to possibly confuse you. Only those with a Battle Pass will have access to this challenge. With that in mind, let’s see how to complete Search between a Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, and Circle of Hedges Fortnite BR Challenge.

Search Between Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, Circle of Hedges Fortnite
Search Between Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, Circle of Hedges Fortnite

Search between a Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture and a Circle of Hedges is another battle pass challenge in Fortnite that requires you to find a specific spot between landmarks. There are several Vehicle Towers in the Fortnite BR map; the most prominent one being the transformers-like one east of Retail Row (south of the trailer park there). There is no Circle of Hedges nearby, though; there is a triangle of trees, which is not the same thing. Plus, there is no Rock Sculpture I could think of.

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Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, Circle of Hedges Challenge Location in Fortnite

The other prominent Vehicle Tower is all the way in the south of the map, between Fatal Fields and Moisty Mire. There is a strange looking Rock Formation nearby as well, that looks like someone made a sculpture by stacking several oval rocks together on top of each other. This should be the location of the week 4 challenge, and, looking at our map, you will be able to find the exact spot that will spawn the golden star collectible you need to interact with to get your 5 points.

So, yes, just go to the far south of the map; south of Fatal Fields, southwest of Moisty Mire. The circle of hedges is pretty obvious and not hard to spot from the air. Same goes for the vehicle tower. The only sorta confusing part of this riddle is the rock sculpture. Really, I’d never think of that as a rock sculpture, but there you have it.

Season 3 Week 4 Fortnite battle pass challenges seem to be a bit harder than usual. Killing people with a trap is not a thing that happens often, and sniper rifles are not that easy to find. While we had the Team of 20 players mode, this could have been easier to do due to all the Tilted Towers camping. However, you might have to try and group up with friends this week and hope to get these challenges done that way. Finding the golden star in the middle of the Circle of Hedges, Vehicle Tower, and Rock Sculpture is something you can do alone, though.

You can also expect Flush Factory to be a very busy place for the next couple of days since people will be looking for Flush Factory chests there. Just remember that you don’t have to do all of these challenges at once; you can actually wait a few days or even weeks to complete them, since they will not expire at the end of the week. Maybe it is a good time to visit Wailing woods now instead. Or, go ahead and try to go hunting for Fortnite BR ice cream trucks.

On a somewhat unrelated note, this new patch will be adding the Supply Llama. As you probably already know, llamas are the reward you get in Fortnite for completing missions (or buying them with real money). They drop all kinds of extremely useful goodies. With the new patch, they’ll start appearing around the map, awarding you supplies for finding and opening them. Now that the Team of 20 mode is on the way out, supply drops will probably become more scarce again. Therefore, finding the Supply Llamas might be very worth your while. In any case, they might make finding and completing the Rock Sculpture, Vehicle Tower, and Circle of Hedges Fortnite BR challenge easier.

Since they’ll be appearing “in the most unexpected of places,” you’ll probably have to go out of your way to find them. Even so, locating them will most likely be very rewarding. If for no other reason, then because they might drop the new Remote Explosives weapon. Imagine the havoc you’ll be able to wreak with these.

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