Fortnite Fortbyte 13 - Found at Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #2

Fortbyte #13 is one of the collectibles in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s part of the first day batch, and one of only two that require some actual doing. In order to find it, you’ll have to unlock loading screen #2, then look at the picture and find the clue hidden within. This will point you towards the chip’s location. If you’re having trouble with it, our Fortnite Fortbyte 13 found at location hidden within loading screen #2 guide will help you.

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fortnite fortbyte 13 found at location hidden within loading screen 2
Fortnite Fortbyte 13 – Found at Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #2

Where to find Fortbyte #13?

UPDATE: This Fortbyte is in the desert area. Land at the three dinosaur statues south of Paradise Palms, then head behind the house. You’ll see a portable toilet. Destroy it, and you’ll find the collectible (thanks to Bence for the info).

ORIGINAL TEXT: Here’s the thing: we have no idea how to get this one yet. The Fortbyte itself is unlocked, but it seems like the loading screen isn’t. If our assumption is correct, the loading screen in question is the one you’ll unlock when you complete all the week 2 challenges. That would mean we’d have to wait another week before we can get it.

However, thanks to the efforts of Fortnite’s many data miners, we have an image that is supposed to be the week 2 loading screen. The problem is, we have no idea what the clue is. We’ve been looking at the image for quite some time now, and we’re stumped. The loading screens usually point you to the exact location you’re supposed to go to. Alternatively, they give a hint in the form of coordinates or a landmark you’re supposed to look near. This one just… doesn’t.

There are two heroes on the screen, fighting a couple of henchmen. They have fancy pistols and futuristic outfits. The number 37 is written on the sleeve of the male’s suit, and there’s some illegible writing on his pistol, but we can’t connect those to anything in the game. So if you have any idea about how we’re supposed to interpret this, please, do leave a comment. We’ll update the guide as soon as we know more. Worst case scenario, that’s going to be next week.



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    This is easy, just go to paradise palms and land where the 3 dinosaurs at, go behind that little house and you’ll find what are u looking for in the toilet outside 🙂

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    Thanks i like it i love it its very interested info. for me and other peoples.

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