Final Fantasy VII Remake First Trailer Now Out, More to Come in June

After so long a wait, we finally get to see the first glimpse of the Final Fantasy VII remake. The video shows us both the updated graphics and character design in the cutscenes, as well as some apparently tweaked combat and other gameplay elements.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake First Trailer Now Out, More to Come in June
Final Fantasy VII Remake First Trailer Now Out, More to Come in June

The Final Fantasy VII remake has been in development hell for so long; years, now. It has gone through directors and god knows what else behind the curtain. Well, it seems like the arduous task is finally coming to a close. Yes, at long last, we got to see the first trailer for the remake of Final Fantasy VII. The video cuts between cutscenes and gameplay footage, giving a pretty comprehensive taste of things to come. Even as somebody who isn’t a fan of Final Fantasy in general, I have to admit, it’s looking great.

The updated look of the cutscenes and character designs is something to be expected, naturally. It’s the gameplay part of the trailer that is the most eye-catching, I believe, especially the combat. It seems that they’ve added a limited amount of freedom of movement to the turn-based combat, and I feel like that’s gonna spice the fighting up pretty well. Also, (spoilers for those who know nothing of FF7), I love how the video deliberately holds on Aerith offering Cloud a flower. Right of the bat, they’re tugging at the heartstrings of people that have played the original FF7. Cheeky, Square Enix, cheeky.

Now, of course, there’s no launch date for the remake of Final Fantasy VII just yet. However, the video does end with the promise of more to come in June. What that “more” is going to be, we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, check out the trailer below and get your juices a-going.

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  1. A

    Looking great? This is all exactly what I didn’t want. The voices just don’t fit, nor do the actors seem to even care that they’re playing a character. They just sound lifeless. I honestly would rather have a silent remake.

    Further, the combat doesn’t look appealing at all, and for the record, you can see multiple people moving at the same time, I’m pretty sure there’s no turn-based aspects to this combat, and that to me just isn’t Final Fantasy 7 anymore. But for somebody like you (the author) who isn’t a “isn’t a fan of Final Fantasy in general”, I see this actually more appealing to you than for longtime fans, because this just isn’t the game we grew up with.

    1. J

      I’ve heard the same sentiment from several fans of the series. Shame. Hope you can get around it and enjoy the remake for what it is.

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