Fortnite BR Free Battle Pass Tier Week 1 Season 5 - Road Trip Challenge

Road trip challenge is one of the new battle pass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. When you finish all the weekly challenges in a certain week, you’ll unlock a new picture for the Raod Trip Challenge. Each one will contain hints that will point you towards a secret battle star. When you collect it, you’ll get a free battle pass tier. If you have trouble finding it, keep reading our Fortnite BR free battle pass tier week 1 season 5 guide.

fortnite br road trip challenge week 1 loading screen
Fortnite BR Free Battle Pass Tier Week 1 Season 5 – Road Trip Challenge

Secret Battle Star Location Week 1 Season 5

The image was datamined earlier today, when the update launched but the servers still weren’t up. It shows a group of people taking a picture in front of the Durr Burger mascot. The one closest to the camera is holding a map, and we can see it over their shoulder. The map shows the mascot, a pool with some houses and parasols, and a structer in the shape of an umbrella. The star is supposed to be in the middle of the umbrella shape.

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Now, after the changes went live, we went in to investigate. We found the Durr Burger mascot on a hill northeast from Pleasant Park. If you look more closely at the map, you’ll notice the motel in the north, and you might even realize the are with the pool is Lazy Links (the artist formerly known as Anarchy Acres).

If you open up the game’s real map, you’ll notice there’s a brown umbrella shape between the three. It’s a quarry – the wide part is shallow, but the handle is a tunnel that goes deep and may spawn a chest. The star is supposed to be in the shallow part. If you’ve finished all the weekly challenges, like opening Snobby Shores chests, finding floating lightning bolts and the Risky Reels treasure map, we urge you to check it out. We’ll check ourselves once we’re done with the week, and update the guide if need be.

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