Fortnite Galaxy Scout Bundle Coming to Item Shop on July 31st

The Galaxy Scout skin will soon be available for purchase in Fortnite Battle Royale, according to a streamer who already has it. Certain data miners corroborate this claim – it seems like the skin will be part of a bundle, along with a glider, pickaxe and back bling. No idea how many V-Bucks you’ll have to set aside for it, but we do know when – it’s coming to the item shop on July 31st.

fortnite galaxy scout skin
Fortnite Galaxy Scout Bundle Coming to Item Shop on July 31st

The revelation comes via a streamer going by the name RolandGT, and you can hear him talking about it in the clip below. According to several data miners, the bundle will contain the Galaxy Scout skin, Stardust Strikers pickaxe, Celestia glider and Nucleus backpack. There’s no mention of a price, but everyone seems to be pretty certain it’s going to be more than 2000 V-Bucks.

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How to get Galaxy Scout skin for free

Luckily, there’s a way to obtain the skin for free – without the accessories, though. There’s a competition being held in Fortnite this weekend (July 25th-26th), called the Galaxy Cup. Everyone with an Android device that can run Fortnite and two-factor authentication enabled is invited to take part. Those who manage to place high enough will receive the skin. Here’s how high you need to go, depending on your region:

  • North America West: Top 2500
  • North America East: Top 7500
  • South America: Top 2500
  • Europe: Top 10000
  • Middle East: Top 1250
  • Asia: Top 1250
  • Oceania: Top 1250

If that seems unattainable, there’s also a consolation prize. Eveyone who manages to get at least five points will receive the Star Scout weapon wrap, which can be used to decorate your arsenal. It has the same translucent night sky pattern as the rest of the bundle, and it looks mighty fine, if we’re being honest.

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    Pranto :]

    If you guys are confused about the Galaxy Scout Skin, then here is some details about it:
    It says that it is coming out on July 31st [today], but actually when the item shop rotates tonight then the skin will be coming not when it rotated on July 30th and carries on July 31st.
    So thats all for me here and PEACE!

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