Fortnite BR Getting Grappling Gun, Heist-Like Getaway LTM

If you thought Kevin the Cube was the last surprise Epic had in store for season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale, boy were you wrong. During their PAX West stream, they’ve shown off the grappling gun, which we’ll supposedly get in the update tomorrow. Along with it will come the Getaway limited time mode, which will pit squads of thieves against each other in a race to grab giant llama-shaped jewels and escape the island.

fortnite br getaway ltm plunger gun
Fortnite BR Getting Grappling Gun, Heist-Like Getaway LTM

Getaway is probably going to stick around only for a week, so better try it out as soon as it appears. It’s going to be a squad-based mode, in four supply drops that are actually safes appear on the map. When opened they’ll drop a big llama gem, which seems like it’s a backpack item, so it’ll take up a slot in someone’s inventory. After snatching it, you’ll have to get to the rescue van, which is like a miniature version of the battle bus, and interact with it to escape. The four teams that manage to do so will be considered winners.

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It’s supposed to be part of the High Stakes event, which will bring with it a bunch of new stuff. One of those is the grappling gun, a mobility item which allows you to shoot plungers with ropes attached, which then pull you towards them. The brief demonstration we saw has shown you’ll be able to use them to quickly close the distance between yourself and enemies on higher ground. It will be purple, so don’t expect them dropping from every chest.

The event will also bring a set of new challenges, and the Ace outfit that was recently added to the game (the one with the white suit and mask) was like a warm-up for the upcoming festivities.

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