Fortnite Golden Artifacts Near The Spire Locations

Find Golden Artifacts near the Spire is one of the challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale this week. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find three busts in the village by the tower. They’re not that well hidden, and they emit a blue glow, but it can still be a chore if you don’t know where to look. If you’re looking to save some time, this guide will show you Fortnite golden artifacts near the Spire locations.

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fortnite golden artifacts near spire locations
Fortnite Golden Artifacts Near The Spire Locations

Golden artifacts locations

As you’re landing, approach the village from the south. Climb up the stairs and head right, around the stall with the yellow tarp. You’ll find the first artifact – a llama bust – behind another stall.

Turn around and head up the stairs. Open the door on the mezzanine and go inside. Go into the far room and look to the right.The second statue will be on the floor there.

Go back outside and climb the stairs again. Head through the door and outside again, then up two sets of stairs. Turn left immediately, and you’ll see a blue glow coming from the barred door. Break the planks and you’ll find the third artifact next to the chest.

That’s all three of them! The blue light is a dead giveaway, and it’s so strong that you can even see it through walls sometimes. Of course, the main issue here is that literally everyone will be trying to grab the artifacts as soon as possible. This means that, in the next few days, the Spire is going to be very popular – and not just with regular folks looking to complete the challenge, but also with griefers looking to score easy kills from wannabe archaeologists and annoy honest folk just trying to make a living by plundering precious artifacts.


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