Fortnite BR Greasy Grove Chest Locations

Search chests in Greasy Grove is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to land in the burger town in the southwest of the map, and open seven chests. There is a total of fifteen of them, so it shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re wondering where to find them, you’re at the right place – this guide will show you all Fortnite BR Greasy Grove chest locations.

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Search chests in Greasy Grove

Two chests can spawn in the large burger joint. One is in the basement – go behind the counter and follow the stairs down, then head into the large room. It should be in the far corner. The other is in the attic. Use the stairs to climb to the second floor, then turn left when you reach the two doors. Break the wall and you’ll see the chest.

There’s another one in the house in the southwestern corner of the area. Land on the roof and break through, and you should find it in the attic. You can find one in the gazebo to the east, as well. This one’s visible from the air, so you can avoid going there if you see it hasn’t spawned.

The house to the west of the gazebo can spawn up to two chests. One is in the attic, near the chimney. The other can appear in the small attic above the garage.

The red brick house in the southeastern corner can also hold two chests. If you land on the roof, look for one of them in the attic, in the small room with the plaster walls. The other one can spawn in the smaller attic, the one next to the bedroom with the blue wallpaper.

You can grab up to three chests from the house in the eastern part of town, south of the playground. On is in the attic, accessible via the roof, another in the small attic space above teh garage. The third one is in the dog house in front of the house.

The house next to the sporting goods store is home to a single chest. It’s in the attic, because where else would it be? You can find another three in the sports store itself. Two are on the walkway above the store, behind the crates with the GUNS sign in the background. The third one is in a secret room next to the stairs.


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